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How to Become a Trading Affiliate


If you are a trader or analyst and have been writing about the markets for a while you might consider earning some additional income by becoming an online trading affiliate. If you have a trading related site or even if you have a client base and a flow of new clients who visit every day, an affiliate might be a way for you to earn additional income.

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How Can I Add Additional Income

If you have a site or even an email list of people that you believe are interested in trading or a specific sector like forex, commodities or stocks, you can monetize this information. The best way to enhance your income without having to do any additional work is to become a trading affiliate. You might be surprised to find out how many people visited your site and how many emails you might have collected over the years. An email list is a way for you to generate additional interest in your new venture.

The goal is to send people who are actively investing in a website where they can trade. You can easily start this process by joining a forex affiliate program, that allows you to make money by just sending people to a broker’s web site. An affiliate program will allow you to monetize the people who are coming to your website, and your earnings can grow substantially.

What are the Different Types of Affiliate Program

There are several different types of affiliates. You can send your customers to a broker. You can send them to a software company. You can also send them to a signal provider. Some companies have affiliates for all three. What you need to investigate is how you get paid. Some brokers will provide you with a specific dollar figure for every client that deposits money. A software company might want a client to purchase a product before they send you some money.  Its up to you to find out what your customers are interested in and the best way for you to earn additional money.

So What are the Next Steps

The first step is to find an affiliate program that will work well with your products. Once you find one, you need to join. You should carefully read all the requirements that are necessary for registration in a specific affiliate system. Some brokers might have multiple affiliate program. You will need to find the one you like and fill out the necessary forms. Once you have received approval, you will receive a confirmation email. You will then be able to log into the affiliate portion of the website you are joining and get the special affiliate HTML link, which you can use to direct your customers to your affiliate partners web site. Many affiliates requirte that you place a banner that contains their link on your site or in an article on your blog.

How It Works

Whenever a person clicks on this link the affiliate system marks a potential client that has come from your website.  If the marked clients purchase a product or deposits capital and make a trade, you get paid


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