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How to Build White Hat Links in Effective Way?


When in business, you know how people collaborate? When two brands come together to do something that would benefit both of them.

YouTube, for instance.” Iisuperwomanii” is Lily Singh’s brand and her product is her videos which people watch. When she collaborates with someone, she will make a video with that person for her channel and one for the person who she is collaborating with. This way Lily’s audience gets to see a new face the other person’s audience gets to know Lily.

These videos are an example of guest posting where you are dealing with someone else’s audience. Guest posting is the same thing which deals with blogs instead of YouTube videos

Now that we know what guest posting is, let me tell you how it works:

  • What am I doing?

You need to clear in your head what exactly you are going to convey.

What is it that gets you going?

What is your blog about?

Is it travel?

Is it skin care and beauty?

Is it DIY?

Or cooking?

Or fashion?

You need to have a clear image in your head about what platform you’re focusing on. The you can target your required audience.

Think of it this way. If you have a make-up line and want to sell your products, you will target the interested audience. You will focus make-up artists for promotional purposes and not go to a car showroom with make-up products.

Similarly, if my blog is about tech advice, I will look for other tech websites to have me as a guest blogger and not a cooking blog.

After all the research when you find the perfect blogger for you, that is when things get fun.

  • Two-way Street

Think. Why would you, a well-established and renown blogger, let me, a not so well known blogger, post something that I have written on your blog?

The answer, is that each person counts. Guest blogging always helps both the parties involved. If I post my content on someone else’s blog, I will be reaching a whole new audience which would increase the traffic on my website. When people read something that I have written, they’re going to have an opinion about it, and that would make them want to click onto my website which would increase the traffic on my website.

For the person whose website I’m posting my content on, they can benefit in many ways. They are putting some new things on their page which would increase traffic on their page as well but also, they could have a double deal of them posting on my page, and I post on theirs.

  • Backlinks

What are backlinks?

Everybody is talking about it. In simple words, it is a hyperlink which is present on one website leading you to another site. Which means that people can reach your website through someone else’s webpage as well. It is like using a hashtag in the modern world.

  • Be Chic

You need to pitch an idea that is different and interesting for their audience. Something that catches their attention. Something we call “clickbait” these days. Write something so unique and end it with a follow-up post on your blog. Leave with a “cliff-hanger,” if you may. You want people to want to read more of your content.

For example:

A topic like “top 5 games on my phone” would get deleted faster than any spam email in your inbox. Instead, try writing about comparisons of two tech devices or how a book is so much different from its movie and how. Then follow it up with a post which talks about what happened when you used it and did camera comparisons and sound quality checks. Everybody researches before buying something that expensive and chances are that they’re going to want to see as many posts about it out there as possible.

I did that, I still do that and always will do that. It helps with my indecisiveness.

In short, you’re saving people’s time and money. So efficient for the people who can’t be that for themselves.

  • Personalize it.

Your content should have a hint of you in it. It should feel like it’s a person talking rather than you reading a few lines on the internet.

Be brief and explain everything in a way more people can understand it. Put out an idea that

hasn’t been done before. You need to be different.

Think of it this way, you won’t go to the same restaurant every weekend. You’d want to try new places. Same is the case with your content. People wish to new ideas, and that’s precisely what you should focus on while posting a guest post. If it is something that has never been done before then who knows, you might blow up the internet.

Find people who can be guest posters on your page, be the guest poster on other people’s page. Do anything but give up. It takes time to establish a brand, and nothing happens overnight. But once you grow, you’ll stay like that for a long time. Longer than any other internet blow-up these days.

Like the egg vs. Kylie Jenner?

In short, slow and steady does sometimes win the race.

Keep posting, keep growing!



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