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How To Choose A Best Case Fans For Your PC


How To Choose A Best Case Fans For Your PC

If you wish to have a full-fledged air cooling system, the requirement of versatile case fan always arises. Until and unless you reduce the heat level of your system, it’s impossible to make it work with optimum efficiency.

If you are a gamer, then I am sure you are facing the heating issue. To get rid of this problem, you must have a good quality best case fans for your PC. If you don’t know whether your PC heat increase or not, you can follow this guide to know more about it.

With a huge number of case fans floating in the market, selecting the best one is slightly strategic for a beginner PC builder. There are many things you should look for before buying a good case fan. You should check the design, shapes, and sizes.

Stop worrying as we are here to help you to choose the good case fans for your PC.

What’s the requirement of aftermarket case fan?

The PC builders go for air cooling method instead of water cooling to meet up the requirements. The fans channelize the heat outwards when the components of your system get overworked. The heat is dissipated out of the computer case thereby saving the precious components of your gadget.

Following are some of the main reasons why to choose a case fan instead of Normal fan:

  1. Renovating the appearance of your PC
  2. Upgrading the PC
  3. Enhancing longevity of equipment
  4. Dissipation of heat
  5. Avoiding overheating
  6. Boosting performance

These are the most common reasons why choosing a quality case fan is so important.

While purchasing a case fan, you should consider the size, power, noise, etc. So let’s begin with the full-fledged guide of buying a quality case fan.

Size of the case fan:

The different range of case fans meets up different requirement. Generally, they range in between 25 mm – 250 mm. The most commonly selected sizes are 140 mm, 80 mm and 120 mm to get perfectly fit in the case. If you find it difficult to know the exact size of the fan required, read the manual that comes with the case. Probably the diagram would let you know a rough measure.

Power connector:

Most of the fan extract 12 volts either through power supply or motherboard. Also, they have an external adaptor so that you can make a wise choice between the two. Three pin fans come up with tachometer signal whereas two pin fans have to be connected to the motherboard. They are embedded with tiny Molex connectors. The four pin connector fans are clubbed with PWM signal for a speed control.

The case fans with four pin connector are slightly expensive than the rest of the varieties. The fans with PWM signals are the best as they are controllable and work better. You can always choose two-pin large Molex connector for extracting power from the motherboard.

Noise and Airflow of the fan

While choosing the best case fan for your PC, the remaining factors that need considerations are airflow and noise. You must always ask yourself regarding the amount of air a fan can push with the total amount of noise created.

The total air flow is measured in cubic feet per minute. The higher the CFM, the better is the workability of the fan. You also have to pay attention to the air pressure of the PC.


We all are aware that noise is measured in decibels. Almost every manufacturer would let you know the amount of noise level created by the Fan. It can range from 16dB – 36db. The best would be to select the one with the lowest noise level. After all, everybody feels reluctant to purchase a loud fan.

Speed control

The total RPM factor of the case fan talks about the control limit it has. Select a fan with simple if possible controller hub so that it falls easy on the pocket and can be easily managed. After all, there can be a life-changing difference when a fan has better performance and lower noise level.

Take a closer look at the specifications before you let a particular fan to become a part of the system. LED fans certainly have a better appeal. However, they don’t have anything to do with heat dissipation. Choose a fan that does not have LED but works well in cooling up the system.


So, these were few basics points about buying the best case fans for your Pc. Hopefully, this guide is good enough to give you knowledge about the best air cooling system if you are a newbie PC builder. I have a gaming PC where I play games also do video editing. I had Noctua NF-F12 PC case fans, and a few months ago I bought Corsair ML120 Pro case fan. If you want to know which are the some best case fans maker brands, then I would suggest you to Corsair, Noctua, ARCTIC, Thermaltake and Cooler Master.



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