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How to Choose an Electric Commuter Scooter That Suits You

Like every other electric vehicle in the market, e-commuter scooters are eco-friendly and a fun way to zap around the city. Electric commuter scooters models have been tried and tested by so many riders that it’s now earned a fan following for their style and convenience. Once you experience the convenience and swiftness of commuter scooters, it will be hard to choose otherwise. 

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Some of the best-selling models can travel up to forty miles on a single charge with top speeds of 18-20 miler per hour. They are easy to use, ride, store, and most importantly, their flexibility allows you to take them along with you no matter where you go. Also, they are easy to store and don’t take up extra space on a subway or bus. You can hold or store your commuter scooter discreetly, even during rush hour. 

While you might not ride an e-scooter for more than 5 miles during a regular commute, you can use it for the last part of your journey. For instance, once you get off the train or subway, you could use it, which would prove to be more efficient and quicker than getting a cab or walking to your office. 

Nevertheless, you must choose a model that would suit your size and weight. A model with a low deck and large tires make most sense for most riders. The large tires will roll right over cracks or other imperfections in the road, and a low deck means you’ll generally have higher moveability around turns.  

You must choose a lightweight model that’s easy to fold but not too light for a large person. There are only a handful out there. You can visit Scooter Hut to browse options that meet these criteria. So let’s look at a few features that you should consider while getting yourself an electric commuter scooter.  

Features To Look For

Maximum Weight load Capacity

First and foremost, you must narrow down your options according to your weight and the scooters’ maximum weight load capacity. You must look for models that can carry at least 20% more than your average weight. Also, consider the weight of items you might carry during regular commutes, such as a backpack.  

Footboard Space

If you’re a large person, you must also try out the model of your liking to ensure that its footboard has enough space to accommodate both your feet. Each scooter has a different platform width. It’s important to feel comfortable on your e-scooter.

HandleBar Height Adjustability

Your scooter’s handlebars must not be too low for your height. Either look for a model with an adjustable handle pole or go for a model with a handlebar height that’s apt for you. Low handlebar height can lead you to bend while riding and cause back problems. Also, it increases the chances of an accident. The handlebars should be above waist height, and the rider should have a straight back while riding. Also, you must make sure there are rails under the deck that can take the bulk of the impact and absorb jerks that usually feed straight into the rider’s feet. 

Tire & Wheel Quality

Ask for models with wheels made from good quality soft PU material or a pneumatic tire rather than the hard plastic wheel. This will perform better when you come across small stones or bumps on the riding surface. Besides this, check for good quality bearings in the wheels as it could significantly affect your scooter’s ride quality and longevity.

Suspension & Comfort

Some electric commuter scooter models have micro-suspension setups integrated into the front and rear wheels. This further helps to mitigate bumps and vibrations whilst maximizing rider comfort. Sometimes this becomes the only rider option for overly heavy or large people, such as a person who’s six foot six inches and weighs over 250 lbs.

Ground Clearance & Durability

Ground clearance is the distance or gap between the bottom of the footboard of your scooter and the surface of the road. While some scooters are sturdy and can handle upto and 220-265 lbs, it is recommended that you check for a model that has relatively better ground clearance. 

If you choose a scooter with a ground clearance that is too high, you might face stability or posture issues. Too low, the scooter will scrape the ground pretty often. So you must choose a scooter with optimum height depending upon the personal metrics mentioned above.

Hand Grips & Comfort

Finally, check if the handles bars of the model you prefer are integrated with quality foam or rubber grips. Custom grips may come as an option if it doesn’t come with the package. They can absorb some of the shocks that feed into the rider’s wrist, reducing the chances of pain after long and regular commutes.

Brakes & Safety

While some scooters come with standard cycle brakes, a few good models come integrated with disc brake systems that provide better stopping power and safety. As we all know, many cities have developed commuter scooter culture, especially among young office goers and enthusiasts. 

Likewise, many city officials and communities are worried about commuter and pavement safety due to the increased number of hazardous incidents. So you must look for improved safety systems in your preferred scooter models to protect yourself and the public’s interest.

Foldability & Convenience

As we discussed earlier, commuter scooters are known for their convenience. The storability being a major contributor to the overall convenience element, you must look for scooter models that have a foldability feature. 

Suppose you travel on the subway or a bus. You might want to store away your scooter so that you don’t cause hindrance to other travelers. A rigid frame that cannot be folded might do just that hence canceling out half the significance and purpose of an electric commuter scooter.


E-commuters can be fast and more dangerous than you thought. So be safe while riding on pavements. People have developed a certain disliking for commuter scooter users because of irresponsible riding on the road and pavements. You must consider pedestrians as well as your own safety. Ride responsibly.