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How To Control Kodi From a Smartphone


Once Kodi’s up and running, controlling it from your smartphone is a lot easier than messing around with a keyboard and mouse.

Kodi’s interface might be easy to understand, but it can be annoying using a keyboard and mouse to move through it. So why not use your smartphone instead? Thanks to the official Kodi Remote app (Android and iOS), you can control your Kodi box from your phone easily. The only requirements are that your smartphone has to be connected to the same network as your Kodi box and that your Kodi box has to be turned on.

Step-by-Step Process to control Kodi from a Smartphone

Step1:- Turn on web control

First, you have to tell your Kodi box to allow remote control requests. Go to Settings,
Services and choose the Control option.

How to control Kodi from a Smartphone
Turn on the “Allow remote control from HTTP” option, and the option to Allow remote control from applications on other systems. If you’re running security software on your computer, you may need to read its manual to find out how to let Kodi through its firewall.

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Step2:- Find media centers

While there are other third-party smartphone remote control apps, we think that the
official one is the best.

First, you need to install the remote software using either Google Play or the App Store. Search for ‘kodi remote’ and select Kore in the search results.

Install the software. Fortunately, you don’t have to mess around trying to find your Kodi boxes, as the Kore remote control program can automatically scan your network looking for them.

How to control Kodi from a Smartphone

Provided your phone and Kodi box are on the same network, the search should only take a few seconds to complete.

Once your box has been found, select it and the Kore remote will connect. Tap Finish to complete the setup. If your Kodi box wasn’t found, you can tap Next

How To Control Kodi From a Smartphone

and then manually enter the IP address of your Kodi box: the default port to enter is 8080, and the default username is ‘kodi’.

How To Control Kodi From a Smartphone

If you don’t know the IP address, on your Kodi box go to Settings, System info, Summary. Note down the reported IP address of your computer.

How To Control Kodi From a Smartphone

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Step3:- Use the main controls

Kore displays a touchscreen remote that has the following keys: directional arrows,
select, captions, information, back, and menu.

At the top of the screen, you’ll see a
preview of any media that’s currently playing, along with a play/pause button and

How to control Kodi from a Smartphone

You can tap these buttons to navigate through the Kodi interface, replacing your keyboard and mouse or traditional remote control. As Kore operates over your home network, you don’t need line-of-sight to make it work, either.

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Step4:- Jump to content directly directly

Kore also apes the main Kodi interface on your smartphone, so you can use the shortcut menu to jump straight to a media section, such as TV Shows, and select the media that you want to play directly from there.

How To Control Kodi From a Smartphone

This can be a lot quicker than navigating through the Kodi interface and means that you can line up what to watch before you turn on your TV.

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Step5:- Manage Settings

Kore has some advanced settings too. tap the menu button, you can choose to use your Phone’s volume; you can display playback controls on the lock screen; you can force your phone to stay awake ( bad for battery, but easier for control); and you can pause Kodi automatically when a phone call comes in.

Step6:-Manage Power Settings

Tap the Power button in Koer, and you have access to the same functions as if you were sat in front of your Kodi box. from this menu, you can Reboot or Shutdown your Kodi box, but it’s better to use the Suspend option, so your box will start again faster.

How To Control Kodi From a Smartphone

if you use suspend, you can use Kore’s Wake up command to tell your computer to come out of sleep and start up again. This way, you can tuck your Kodi Box out of the way and control it entirely from your phone.

Step7:- Switch Between Kodi Devices

If you’ve got more than one Kodi box in your house, you can use Kore to control them all. Tap the menu button. At the top of the list, you will see the name of the Kodii box that you are currently controlling.

Tap this to jump to the list of media centers that you have already added to kore. You can now select the one that you want to control. if you have just installed another Kodi box, tap the Plus icon and follow the wizard through to automatically scan your network for new Kodi boxes.

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