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How To Control Kodi From a Web Browser


Kodi has a fantastic built-in web server so you can control it remotely using your browser. While the Kodi smartphone app is a great way to get all the features of remote control (and a little more), the media software also has a built-in web server. Using this, you
can get incredible control over Kodi from any computer that has a web browser.

For example, you can use the local web interface to browse through all your content and
select what to watch or listen to. There’s currently no support for photos, but that’s the only thing that’s missing.

From the web browser, what you select to watch is played on your Kodi box. You have full control over playback, too, using the onscreen controls. Even better, the web interface can send your keyboard commands to Kodi so that you can remote-control the box directly using your keyboard.

If you’d rather just view the content on the computer you’re using, Kodi’s web interface supports that, too. In this guide, we’ll show you how to set up and configure the web browser, as well as telling you how to get more from it.

Control Kodi from a web browser

Connect to the web server

First, you need to enable the web server by navigating to Settings.

How To Control Kodi From a Web Browser

and Now click on the “Services” and enable the “Advanced” option and here you have the “Control” option. enable the “Allow remote control via HTTP” option. here you have the option to define your own port and username and password also.


control Kodi from a web browser

To connect to the webserver, you need a computer on the same network. Fire up a web browser and then go to the following web address – https://:8080 – entering your Kodi box’s IP address; for example, If you don’t know the IP address, on your Kodi box go to Settings, System info, Summary.

How To Control Kodi From a Web Browser

Note down the reported IP address of your computer. Hit Enter and the web interface will be loaded. If you set a password in Step 1, you’ll need to enter this now to continue.

actually, I am running Kodi on Local PC that’s why I used 127 local IP-address.

How To Control Kodi From a Web Browser

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Play content

To play any content, just choose a section from the left-hand menu, such as Movies, TV
Shows or Music. Once you’ve selected a section, you’ll get a thumbnail view of your
content, plus further categories to narrow your choice. For example, with Music, you
can choose to browse by genre, artists, albums and more.

How To Control Kodi From a Web Browser

Queue content

On the right of the screen, if you click the Kodibutton, you can see the current playback
queue, with selectable headers for Audio and Video. Playing an album puts every song into the queue automatically. You can add other audio tracks or create a video playback, queue.

Just browse to the content you want and click Queue. Select any item in the queue to play it straight away. You can drag and drop queue items to reorder them; hovering over an item and clicking the X icon removes an item from the queue.

How To Control Kodi From a Web Browser

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Stream content

You’re not limited to using the web browser interface just to play content on your Kodi
box. Instead, you can also stream content from Kodi directly to your device. Just navigate to the content you want to play – audio or video – and then click the Stream button.

Kodi will then stream the content directly to your browser. In the case of video content, you’ll
see a pop-out browser; music is contained inside the main browser, and you can use the
main controls to manage playback.

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Download content

If you’re on a slow connection or want to have filed for offline use, Kodi’s web interface
has a download option, too. Just browse to the content that you want to watch.

For video files, click the More button. Select Download from the menu, and the original file will be saved to your hard disk. Music downloads work in a different way, and Kodi doesn’t provide a method for downloading entire albums. Instead, you can only save individual files to your computer.

To do this, browse to the album that you want. Hover over a track, click the three dots (…) and then select Download song. The original file will be saved to your hard disk.

How To Control Kodi From a Web Browser

Hope my article “How to control Kodi from a web browser” helps you to control Kodi from a web browser. If you have any query, feel free to comment.