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How to Create a SaaS Site like HPE


Are you trying to make a good SaaS website? Find out in this guide!

When selling your software as a service (SaaS), saas website design is critical for educating them on how the software works and finding new leads.

According to Cisco Global Cloud Index, in 2021 about 75% of the complete instances and total cloud workloads will be using SaaS. This results in a lot of new competition and websites. While there are barriers to receiving market share, don’t let your website be one of them.

HPE Creates a SAAS Tool For Cloud-Based Management

HPE developed a new system named SAAS. One Sphere was designed to create private clouds and connect to public clouds. Additionally, its used to give businesses insights on how to make their operations more efficient.

This is an important system for developers as it allows them to self-provision their resources, without waiting for their IT counterparts to respond to request tickets. As a result, sites are faster to respond to requests while developers can easily make changes within Onesphere’s system.

Provide Webinar Demos and Videos

Not everyone wants a personalized demo seconds after viewing your site, especially if they’re trying to find out how the software benefits them. We suggest that you have a few webinars or videos that show the software on the website so users can get a feel for the product.

Another great way to show how the software works and its features by creating animated gifs. The best gifs and videos not only show how it works, but also demonstrates the benefits of the software.

Outline Your Use Cases and Audience

Don’t falsely assume that your client knows they’re the intended market of your product. You have to take the time to outline the audience of your software and their intentions on using it. If you have clients in various market verticals or multiple groups in an organization, you have to address this on your website.

Give Measurable Proof

Instead of telling your audience what your SaaS website does, you need to show and demonstrate what it accomplishes. Make sure to allocate your website space to give measurable evidence that your site does what it promises.

One great way to do this is through client testimonials, reviews, or case studies. If your website’s main purpose is to make your client’s process or organization more efficient, state that one of your clients’s used your product and speak on how they did it.

Create Content For The Buying Process

Your client goes through a variety of stages throughout the buying process. For B2B companies, the buying process can be complex, long, and have multiple different decision makers. To streamline the process for your clients and the sales team, make sure that you create content for each part of the buying process.

Start by making content that catches their interest in your products and lures them in. Next, make content that doesn’t just showcase the software, but the advantages they can achieve when using it.


Overall, saas website design is taking great steps towards the future. Once the website is made, make sure that it can keep your consumers interested with your product. By doing this, you’ll have a SaaS website that can help you increase your user base and gain potential revenue.


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