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How to Create a Small Business Website


The growth of digital technology has made it easier for small businesses to be competitive in the market. Majority of small companies have access to the internet allowing them to interact with their clients while gaining exposure for their products or service. One of the ways that these businesses have managed to harness the power of the internet is through the setup of websites that act as a storefront for the company. However, not every business owner has embraced the use of sites as part of their communication strategy despite the many benefits it has to offer.

Reasons why small businesses need websites

The power of a business website cannot be underestimated in this age where everything has become digital. Small business can only hope to remain relevant in their industry by building a site that meets the needs of their customers. Some of the advantages of having a website for growing businesses are listed below.

Sales tool

A website is your number one sales tool as it informs, engages and converts visitors to buying customers. The site should always have relevant information that keeps online users coming back for more. It is also an excellent way to monitor the preferences of your customers so that you can customize information, goods or services according to their needs. Also, your site can serve as pay point where customers choose their preferred product and purchase it online.

Reputation building

Small businesses need to build a reputation of dependability and provision of high-quality services. The best way to demonstrate these capabilities is by showcasing their work on their site and having customers leave reviews on their site. Most times, online users consider companies that have sites credible and worth engaging with for a service or product.

Tailor-made communication

Building a relationship with potential clients is much easier when they have a platform through which they can learn more about your company, product or service. Small businesses can use their site to communicate their brand story with clients so that they appear relatable. A great website can be a channel through which small businesses can get new clients and retain them for many years.


Data is vital for companies that want to attract more customers and ensure they come back, over and over again to buy goods or services. Websites make it easy for businesses to collect data and use the information to create an impactful marketing campaign. Some of the data that can be obtained through a small business site includes the number of visitors, preferences, location, return visitors and most popular content among others.


Websites make it possible for growing businesses to provide various types of information to their clients worldwide without having to spend a lot of money. Companies can also make changes to the site at no cost making it possible for fresh content to be shared with online users on a regular basis. Additionally, setting up a website is much cheaper than advertising your business through traditional media channels.

Best 5 website builders in 2019

Creating a website for your business does not have to be a costly affair in the digital age. Small business owners can take advantage of the numerous website builders online to design a site that represents their brand. Although website builders are quite a number online, some offer better services than others for those running growing businesses. Some of these popular website builders are:

1.     Hibu

Hibu has been helping small business owner build websites for over ten years successfully. The website builder has a wide variety of features that make it popular among online users. Some of these features include flexible designs, SEO optimization, template selection and e-commerce features among others. Customer service on sites such as hibu for example is top notch because they provide diverse online channels through which clients are assisted in time of need.

2.     Wix

Wix offers an all-round experience for businesses that use it to build their website. Designers that use the platform to create sites attest that it is easy to use and has over five hundred customizable templates available. To make it easier for their customers to get answers to questions, the website builder offers help through phone, email or even videos on their site.

3.     Weebly

Weebly has been dubbed the go-to website builder for growing businesses, and it has lived up to its name. The builder has all the features needed to design a website that meets the needs of most small companies. It provides templates that include a variety of portfolios, landing pages and sitemaps make it an ideal website builder for small companies. Additionally, its themes are mobile friendly and can be customized according to one’s needs.You can always check out reliable Weebly reviews before you start using it.

4.     WordPress

WordPress is one of the most popular website builders globally with the current number of sites built through the platform standing at seventy million plus. Creating a site for your business on the platform is quite easy because most of its features are already built into the site. Apart from providing free templates, WordPress also has paid plans that are affordable and has extra features as well.

5.     Site Builder

If you are starting and need a simple website for your business, then Site Builder is the best option for you. The website builder offers over one thousand templates to choose from and has incorporated a drag and drop editor to make designing of sites much easier. It also has a free blog segment option that is ideal for business owners that want to upload articles on a regular basis. Also, the site offers custom domain names at no cost to those building websites on their platform.

Ultimately, creating a website for your small business is the first step towards success in the digital age. As more people use the internet to seek solutions on everyday issues, they will be able to find your website and engage your team resulting in a sale.


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