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How to create Viral Views on TikTok?

Everybody wishes that their videos would go viral, when they place them on social media. The truth is, everyone can get viral views; you only have to know how to go about it. In this article, we will explain what you need to do, if you want to have any chance for it to happen, with your future posts on TikTok.

How to create Viral Views on TikTok?

A Few Steps to Follow

TikTok is one of the most democratic app online, thanks to an algorithm that places everyone equally, in front of others. It means that you have as many chances to find yourself on a list for a most viewed TikTok video than anyone else. That is, if you keep in mind the steps we will describe below. Globally, this social media is meant to entertain and to make people laugh. Therefore, every content that you will create for it should be for that purpose. Otherwise, you will never attract any sort of attention and will not get a chance to go viral, at any point in time.

Follow and Copy Current Trends

This is certainly the most important aspect to take in account. On TikTok, new trends are formed every day. They can be about many different things: The use of a particular song, the remake of a movie scene, a special way to use one of the effects… When they are going on, people search especially for these particular videos. If you are able to create one that will use the trend, in an original way, it may just get you sufficient traction to become of the most viewed TikTok online, for a few days.

Therefore, you need to watch a lot of TikTok videos, at all times. Since trends change in the blink of an eye, you may think you are on the right path, when actually, the wind has changed the direction already, and no one wants to watch the remakes you are creating. Staying at the forefront of currents will be a great difference maker, in the long run.

Humoristic is what TikTok Users look for

TikTok is the youngest social network today. The average age of users is below 25 years old. Those that take part in it, don’t take themselves seriously. They like to laugh at each other, and even at themselves. Therefore, one of the keys to get many views on TikTok, is to use humor. Otherwise, you are reducing your opportunities greatly, if not entirely killing them.

It makes it quite tricky to create content on TikTok. Humor is not something that comes naturally to everyone, and all humors cannot be considered equal, especially in this day and age. If you step out of line, a little too much, you may find yourself with a lot of messages from people that you displeased. This is the kind of viral videos you do not want to be a part of. A very bad one could put you on a black list forever.

Use Hashtags

If you want to provide yourself with the best chances of being noticed, you need to use a few hashtags, to describe your videos better. TikTok users all have preferences regarding videos that they watch. When you indicate one of theirs, through the use of a hashtag, it makes it possible that the app will show it to them, randomly. On this social media, it is recommended to use three to five hashtags per post. But don’t use only the most famous ones, or you will greatly reduce your chances of being chosen by the app, to be shown to a lot of viewers. Content creators that are already famous and using them, will have priority over you.

Try to find your own key words, that you will use as hashtags, every time that you will post. Continuity tends to pay off, on social media. And if your subject is very clear and precise, it will most definitely end-up on the TikTok accounts of the people you want to talk to, through your videos. If your public is too large, you will be like a drop of water in the sea.

The Shorter the Better

It is widely known that internet users can’t focus on one thing for too long, especially when looking at posts online. You will most probably lose their interest, after only 10 seconds or so. Part of the reason why shorter videos work better, is the fact that people don’t want to spend their free time in between tasks, watching only one or two videos. They prefer quantity over long content. And so, keeping it short will greatly increase your capacity to go viral.

This creates another difficulty: How to compress your complex message into a short form. Marketing specialists tend to be good at this, since it is their job to get a message through to a given public. But for most people, reducing is a very difficult task. Look for a word that will describe your intention, first. Then, turn it into a sentence and try to reproduce it in an artistic way, onto the video that you will create. If you listen to it and the message doesn’t come through: Try again. Posting just to post is a definite account killer.

Stray (not too far away) from the Path

Finally, if you want people to go wild on your videos, you can’t just be a copycat. What drives people crazy (in a good way), is originality, even if it means straying on the unconventional path, just a little bit. Moving away from trends too much, is a definite “no,” though. As we mentioned before, you could hurt people’s feelings and it is definitely something that you would regret, later on. So, tread carefully.

As you can tell, the road to TikTok stardom is filled with tasks that you have to achieve. But if you do apply yourself, chances are you will have at least one, if not a few videos, that will go a long way. Like in everything else in life, perseverance is the key to success.