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How to customize colors in Windows 10


You used to be able to change the color of almost any element of the Windows operating system until Microsoft removed the ‘Color and appearance’ tool in Windows 10. To get back this customization, download Classic Color Panel – a handy, lightweight tool that lets you make Windows look as plain or garnish as you like.

Customize colors in Windows 10

  1. Download and run Classic Color Panel – there’s no need to install it. It offers to save your default settings as a Registry file, which you can restore if you want to get back to your current color scheme. Click Yes and save it somewhere sensible. The Classic Color Panel screen opens.

How to customize colors in Windows 10

  1. The left-hand column lets you set a color for various text elements. Hover your cursor over an element to learn more about it. Clicking an element opens a window from which you can choose one of the ‘Basic colors’ or use the color picker to select any color you like.

  1. Click OK to choose the color, then repeat this process for any other text elements you want to change. In the right-hand column, you can change the color for other elements, including buttons, highlighted items, and menus

Clicking the three-arrow button expands the menu to display even more elements. You can change the colors for as many or as few elements as you want. When you’re happy (or you just want to test a color change), click Apply and OK.

How to customize colors in Windows 10

Your PC logs out to apply the changes. Log back in to inspect the new color scheme. If you don’t like it and you want to restore the original configuration, open Classic Color Panel, then click Default and Apply.  You can also double-click the Registry file you saved in Step 1

If you want to switch between your new and original settings, export your color configuration before reverting to the default setting. Click Export and save the configuration as a Registry file. You can export a configuration even if you haven’t applied it.

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