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How To Delete An Amazon Account

Have you ever experienced difficulty deleting your Amazon account? You are not alone on that – Amazon is one of such companies that makes it a bit difficult to delete their account. If you cannot figure out how to delete an Amazon account, do not feel bad – very few people know how to do it! 

For times when you feel it is better to get rid of your sensitive information -in many cases financial information – you may consider deleting your account from AMazon.

How To Delete An Amazon Account

Sadly, Amazon doesn’t offer you an easy option to delete your account on their website, instead, you will have to go through the process of contacting their customer service for your account to be deleted.

How To Delete an Amazon Account

On your URL, navigate to Amazon.com, then locate the Help section at the bottom of the page and click on it.

How to Delete An Amazon Account

The next step needed will be to scroll down and locate ‘Need More Help?’, click on it, and then click on the Contact Us option.

How To Delete An Amazon Account

From the options displayed, click on the “Prime or Something else” option.

How to Delete An Amazon Account

You will have to scroll to locate the Tell us more section. Here, select  Close my account.

How To Delete An Amazon Account

In the next step, Amazon will present to you the choice to either contact the Amazon team by e-mail, phone, or Chat.

How to Delete an Amazon Account

Deleting an Amazon Account via Email

If you have chosen the email option, you will be presented with a new window. Type in your reason for wanting to close your account and hit the send button. An associate will get back to you with detailed instructions on how to close your account easily.

Deleting an Amazon Account by Phone

If you have opted for the Phone option, you will get a new page opened up. Input your phone number and expect a call. When you are contacted by a customer service representative, all you will have to do is to follow their instructions.

Deleting an Amazon Account via Online Chat

How To Delete An Amazon Account

If you have chosen to use the Chat option, you will be taken to a new window. Here you would have to input your reason for requesting a chat. You will then be sent an email comprehensively detailed on how to close your account. Carefully read the email sent to you and click the link to confirm the deletion.

What to Expect After Deleting An Amazon Account?

Well, it is normal to second guess yourself before totally deleting an account. You would most likely be wondering what the consequences are. 

Amazon is linked with a number of services, so when you delete your amazon account it is expected that these services may no longer work.

You will likely lose some of your digital content. Before officially deleting an Amazone account, the Amazon customer service team will email you a detailed list of what will happen. You are advised to go through this list before proceeding to delete your account.

These are a few things to keep in mind when an account is deleted:

  1. You will no longer have access to Amazon accounts, these will include Audible.com and even accounts you may have on other country domains.
  2. Digital content especially music, ebooks, and a couple of Amazon apps and videos could be lost.
  3. Amazon gift cards and other vouchers will become invalid.
  4. It will be impossible to initiate Textbook Rental returns.
  5. It will be impossible to return or get refunds for items ordered by the account.
  6. You will lose and be denied access to the content in the account’s Games & Software Library.
  7. Reviews and other social content made by the account will be removed.

You must note that for other Amazon Web services or Kindle Direct Publishing Accounts, you will be required to contact their customer service representative if you need to delete them.

How Are You Able to Delete Your Order History on Amazon?

Apart from deleting your account, there are a few things you may be scared of. One of these could be privacy especially since you know your order history is always logged on the website. If you are thinking of a less drastic approach, you should consider what you do with this information. 

For every Amazon login, the site by default saves your browsing history. This is important because they will recommend similar products based on previous searches. 

For single accounts this is great, but on shared accounts, your browsing history is open to everyone. This is not ideal and may even be embarrassing. 

An easy way to mask your browsing history is to do it from a private browser window or incognito mode. Doing this implies that your browsing history wouldn’t be kept. But if you really must get rid of a long browsing history, there is a way to wipe the slate clean. 

The first step would be to get logged into your Amazon account.

Next, you should Click on “Browsing History” at the top left of your screen.

How To Delete An Amazon Account

If you need to delete specific items from your browsing history, just click on the “remove from view” button beneath the product.

How to Delete An Amazon Account

You may also choose to clear the whole list by selecting the “Manage History” dropdown option, after which you click “Remove all items from view”.

A simple hack will be to click the  “Turn Browsing History on/off” slider to “off”. This way Amazon will stop gathering your browsing activity.

How Long Does Amazon Keep Your Order History?

There is this Amazon feature that makes you see your purchase inventory in a spreadsheet.

This is pretty important if you at some point will need to go back and check out items you may have gotten in the past. Perhaps just to find out how much it costs or what the shipping location was. 

This Amazon Order History tool will furnish you will all such information, and will even show returns or refunds you have had in the past. It allows an account holder the ability to sort by date; days, weeks, months, or even specific years. 

To use this Amazon tool here are the steps:

Navigate to the Amazon.com URL and login your account details.

Next, you should hit the “Account & Lists” link displayed on the top right.

How To Delete An Amazon Account

Search for and click the “Download order reports” found in the “Ordering and shopping preferences” section.

Pick a report type: By default, it is on “Items” which shows all shipments. Modify to “refunds” or “returns” using the dropdown list.

Next pick a date range, starting and ending dates.

Click on  “Request report”

At this point, Amazon starts to process your report. This process will last for a few seconds or just a bit more in some cases. 

Once it is done, you can expect an email from Amazon containing a link to the spreadsheet. Download this to see every relevant information.

How To Hide Amazon Purchases?

Once more, here is another less drastic alternative when compared to deleting an entire account. 

In a bid to increase your privacy and make it a bit harder for people to see find what you’ve ordered, hiding your purchases may be a good call. 

First, you must note that there isn’t a permanent way to get rid of your order history from Amazon. Even after disabling an account,  Amazon keeps a record of everything purchased.

Here is a great option if there is a purchase that you must hide. 

Log in to your account from the home page like in every other step. 

Once you are in, click on the “Orders” link located at the top right corner of the homepage.

How To Delete An Amazon Account

This displays a chronological list containing all your past orders. To the left of each order made, there are a few actions you can pick from.

Choose the  “Archive Order” option just next to the product you would like to hide.

A verification request message will pop up. Please verify. Next, select the “Archive Order” option to totally remove that piece of merchandise from the order list.

You are only able to do this for 100 orders. So you should make your choice wisely. 

Once more you must note that these orders will not be totally deleted from the Amazon account ― you would still be able to view every one of them when you visit the accounts page and click on “archived orders” under the  “Ordering and shopping preferences” section. 

Can Amazon Prime Household Members View Each Other’s Purchases?

Amazon Household account holders are not able to view each other’s purchase history or order information. But yes, there is a “shared digital wallet, which allows for straightforward purchasing of books, shows, and other products.”

The program also has parental controls over Amazon FreeTime, this is a monthly subscription for children related content.

Does Amazon Include Private Browsing?

The most recent Amazon proprietary Silk browser administrator includes a private browsing mode, which will not log any chronology, cookie, or searches once it is enabled. It is actually a similar thing to what other browsers have had for years.

Does Amazon Prime Video Include Profiles?

Prime Video allows you to create and manage multiple profiles within the queue and it includes customized content to show distinction within the profiles. You could have as much as 6 user profiles within a single prime video on one amazon account.

Is it Possible to Merge Two Amazon Prime Accounts?

Amazon does not agree with the creation of multiple accounts with the same email ID or cell phone number. Additionally, none of these can be merged.

If you have digital content on one account Kindle as an example and you need to move that to a different account, you will have to get in touch with Amazon customer service.


It is quite easy to delete your Amazon account without too much hassle by choosing the easiest method for you. It is however smart to be sure you want to go through with a total delete before you do.

I have outlined some less drastic approaches to handling your account, consider them if you really do not want to delete an account.

Have you ever experienced a hard time deleting your Amazon account? Which of these steps made it easier for you? Share with us by commenting below.