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How to Fix a Laptop Which is Not Charging When Plugged-in


When you plug in your laptop, you usually get a cheerful shrimp from your PC, a new bright LED indicator light, and a display that gets a little brighter and congratulates. There are many reasons for the laptop having trouble in troubles.

Check out the outlets, chords and connections first, because they are easily identified and often have fixable problems. If you are not getting any problems there, then changing your laptop settings or resetting the battery management can sometimes solve the problem. If not, changing the battery can be inevitable.

It may seem quite easy to recharge a laptop. You plug it in, it works; Easy, right? Well, not necessarily. There are several steps and sections between the wall outlet and your battery that can all fail. It’s easy to fix yourself with some software tweaks or new batteries, but some problems may require repair or even a full-blown system replacement.

Unplug your laptop for a few minutes:

Try a different outlet. Your laptop should be switched off. After unplugged your system you should be wait for maximum 1 to 2 mins then go forward. Some users report that a laptop power adapter can temporarily stop functioning with a power supply to protect itself from an estimated issue.

Check the cord:

Check the full length of the power cord for tear, dent, and worn insulation. If you see someone, or if the electric brick is burned or smells like a burnt plastic, the chord is probably faulty.

Feel with the length, bending and flexing of the power cord, to check any bucks or brakes. Check the ends for a broken connection, such as loose or patches that are caught by pets in chewing or vacuum cleaners. Inspect AC brick.

Make sure you’re using the correct USB-C port:

USB-C is a popular cross-platform standard for charging, peripheral, and data transfer. The new standard allows for slim tools, but there may be some confusion.

Lose battery:

An easy way to check the integrity of the battery is to remove it completely and try plugging in the laptop. If the laptop powers the right way, then the problem is likely to be a bomb battery. Which can be used for charging or data transfers, and which can only be used for data transfer or connect to the dock.

Let the Laptop cool down:

A non-charging battery can sometimes be due to the ultra-heating laptop. This problem is two times; The system is shutting down to prevent heating a battery and fire. If your laptop feels too hot for battery touch, then additional heat can interfere with the charging process. Close the computer and sit for several minutes to cool it. If you have not cleaned your laptop vents recently, to remove some dust, in a small blast, fan fires at the angle, compress a compressed air compressed air. While using a laptop on the sofa or bed, covering the vent that cools the blanket or pillow.

Swap cord and battery:

These are the cheapest and easy-to-swap parts on laptops. A replacement power cable can often be on Amazon for less than $ 10, and replacement batteries can be raised for less than $ 100. While the battery often has its own model number replacement cables are easily found by searching under the model name of the laptop. Find a replacement that matches the voltage specifications of the devices coming with your laptop, and be aware that the cheap replacement parts of third-party manufacturers cannot have the quality of the original.

If you still find yourself powerless, then the problem is within the computer we have eliminated problems caused by pebbles or environmental causes at this point., either because of software problems or faulty hardware. Let’s start by looking at the settings and software.

Inspect the connection:

If the cord’s attachment to your laptop wobbles or feels loose, there could be a problem with the connection. Unplug the cord, remove debris with a wooden toothpick, and remove heavy dust build-up with compressed air.

Check your settings:

For Windows laptops: In Control Panel, open Power Options. Open Plan Settings and check with the view that all are properly set. Stay on the lookout for the wrong settings for battery, display and sleep options. For example, if the battery level is too low or low battery level to a very high percentage, then your battery settings may be troublesome to shut down the computer.

For Mac laptops: In System Preferences, select the Energy Saver Panel and review your preferences. Mac settings are adjusted with a slider, so that you can sit down until the computer is inactive while sleeping. If the interval is too small, you may have battery problems if the settings are the right culprit. And do not forget to check these settings for both battery power and wall power. Changing the settings would cause you to return to the default settings to cause problems.

Call outside support:

If you do not already have it, maybe it’s a good time to contact technical support. Your special make and laptop models will have their own unique issues, and an experienced technical support operator has seen them all. It is likely that you will run through several steps mentioned above, but will be aware of specific software and hardware problems for your configuration, such as the bits of hardware usually fail.

Start your laptop without battery: 

Turn off the computer, remove the battery, and plug the computer. If the computer does not start, you might need a new cord. If you can start it again in this situation, then the charging problem may be due to the battery, or your computer may have a conversation with the battery.

Change the charger:

Sometimes the adapter) is faulty, or you cannot repair loose plugs despite your best efforts. Try borrowing a friend’s charger, or ask a computer store employee to test your charger. If your charger is faulty, then buy a new part from the computer or electronics store.

Author Bio : Vikas is a technology enthusiast by hobby and a research scholar by profession. He remains well updated about the latest state of the art innovations and is an avid follower of modern electronics hardware and software advancements. He is the editor of Best Reviews List.


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