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How To Get More Engagement in Your Facebook Video Ads?

Using videos is a great way to market your company on Facebook and reach out to your target audience using more dynamic creative videos. Many people would like to see more videos. A survey found that people love watching videos because they don’t have to do anything but look at their device screens. So, video marketing is the best way to grow your business. 

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When Facebook most used social media is filled with ads from various businesses, you should know how to make your Facebook ads to get more engagement. So, let’s see the top 5 ways through which you can get more engagement in your Facebook video ads.

What Is Facebook Ad?

It is a paid service where you place the ad that will show a video, and when it becomes live, the Facebook user will watch it while they scroll through the Facebook app. Facebook gives the option to boost any post for ads or create an exclusive post for Facebook ads. 

Steps To Get More Engagement in Your Facebook Video Ads

1. The First 5 Seconds Is All That Matters

The first five seconds of your Facebook ad are what matters the most. When making a Facebook video ad, make sure that the first 5 seconds of your ad are catchy. Make your customer curious about the rest of the video. Making the first 5 seconds an eye-catching one will help you gain more engagement for your Facebook video ads. So, the first thing you should take care of is that the video starts with an eye-catching topic. 

2. Don’t Upload Your Videos from Youtube

Whenever you upload your ad videos to Facebook, make sure that you upload them directly to Facebook rather than uploading them from YouTube. The main reason behind this is that directly uploaded videos are more likely to get the attention of the audience rather than your YouTube uploaded videos. 

3. Make Use of a Good Tool for Ad-Making

If you want your ad to be perfect and eye-catching, you need a good video editor and maker. There are many tools out there that provide all-in-one service for making your Facebook ad look amazing. So, while choosing a Facebook video ad maker, make sure you choose a good one with editing features. 

4. Your Video Limit Should Be Between 30-90

Every time you create a video, keep in mind that your ad video should be between a range of 30-90 seconds and not more than that. People will get bored when the video is longer, which will result in them stop watching the video. So, when you make a video, make sure the video is in the range of 10-90 seconds, not higher or lower. And in these seconds, make sure you add all that you want to convey to the audience. 

5. Make a Mix of Videos

Videos ads don’t always mean you have to advertise your products. You can also make videos such as demo videos for ads. There are different types of videos businesses use. Some of them are:

  • Demo videos 
  • Tutorial videos
  • Behind the scenes videos
  • Packing videos
  • Informational videos 

These are just some of the videos that you can mix in your Facebook video ads. When you add videos other than advertising, the audience will be attracted to your videos more. 

6. Placement of Video Ad on Facebook

There are different areas on Facebook where you can place your video ads. You choose the one, and Facebook will feature it. 

  • In-feed- It looks like the organic one, and when you scroll through Facebook, they can watch the ad. 
  • In-Stream is like a commercial in a mini form that the user will watch in the middle of a video playing. After the main video plays for 60 seconds, then the ad will appear. It is only for mobile devices. After 15 seconds of ad play, the viewer gets an option whether to skip the ad or not. 
  • Facebook Marketplace- When a user is shopping on Facebook Marketplace, then the video will appear.
  • Facebook Story- It is a full-screen ad where the ad display will be vertical. The ad appears like the organic one on the Facebook Story. If it is along with a video ad, then it gets split into two different stories. 
  • Facebook Video Feed- It will be a display on Video Feed and Facebook organic video. It is a scrollable ad, and it open when a person clicks to watch the video from the News Feed. 

Criteria To Follow for Facebook Video Ads

For different ad placements, there are different rules and requirements. So, here is the detail of the requirements:

  • Type of file matters while placing the video ad like MP4, GIF, MOV files are must for the video ad placement. 
  • The Aspect Ration must be 16:9 for horizontal ads, and for portrait mode, it is 9:16, and it supports in-feed ads. 
  • For in-feed advertisement, you can make the video from one second to 241 minutes.
  • The file size must be 4 GB
  • The resolution of the ads must be 1080×1080

Things To Remember While Designing the Facebook Ad

You have to write catchy, short, and crisp content. There must be a great headline to catch viewers’ attention. It would help if you gave a proper call-to-action to your ad. It helps the viewers to check your page or website for further details. 


Video marketing is not a new word for us. And with the growing social media platforms, it is much easier for businesses to promote their products and services. Facebook, as proven, is one of the most used social media platforms. And now you know how to get more engagement for your Facebook ads. So put these strategies into use and help your business thrive. 

All in all, Facebook Ad is a great source to boost your business. Take the help of an ad maker to make awesome ads. It helps you to get maximum reach so that your business gets the best ROI. It would help if you researched well and then place the Facebook Ad to gain trustworthy customers for your business ultimately.