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How to Get More Followers on Instagram Using Content Only

Honestly, in present-day reality, you do not need to think of the trickiest ways possible to enhance your community number, especially when the solid bulk of that community is represented by fake followers.

Your business can make the Instagram account to be a real honeypot for the audience wishing to learn more. The content there is all you need, and the way you deliver it will define how far the number of followers will increase. Let’s look at general truths that will work beneficially for anyone who has an Instagram account and wants more people to interact with it.

Have a consistent design

Your content must flow consistently, representing one style of visual design. You develop your brand identity, and you portray it on every platform you utilize.

The publication devoted to your product must communicate the message of the brand and align with the overall design choice you made for your page. Colors, filters, hues, lines, shapes, content organization, and everything you make use of when posting, must follow one design ensemble rule.

Why is it important? Well, your Instagram account is not for fun( meaning, the fun is not a primary goal). You promote it to promote your brand and attract more people to like it. The goal is to make the brand recognizable so that the audience can easily distinguish it from the competitors. 

High-quality visual content attracts attention and gets shared and spread around. Your goal is to always post pictures that are ranked with exceptional class.

Unique content is preferable, but not always can hit the exceptional category. Therefore, it will not be a crime to borrow free royalty photos to adorn your publications, as well as to implement templates for the stories. Even if that template was not designed by you from the start, you have to pursue the quality first while honing your design skills.

To leverage your design you must know your audience and rely on their preferences. The metrics provide the data on the target following segment as well as what posts were appreciated the most. Knowing what clicks with them lets you create more of that kind and keep your followers staying with you and attracting more from their community.

Post consistently

How to Get More Followers on Instagram Using Content Only

Let’s keep on with consistency. Your followers are with you for what you do and the information you share. Be consistent with your content distribution scheduling to satisfy followers’ expectations and become more interesting to those who have spotted you unexpectedly. There are also the best time frames defined for the post to appear, however, this is still not 100% proven. 

Make sure to publish interesting, relevant, and at some point intriguing content so that those who engage with it will want to know more. Positively lure more people to join by providing them with the information they like: brand story, success/failures, personal experience ( to the extent it is possible to share), a day from the life of the brand or you, if you are the brand yourself. 

When there is a nicely-served story there will be more readers to interact with it. When it appears exactly when it is promised the Instagram and its audience will know that you shouldn’t be taken off the following radar.

Hashtag as much as possible

Always underpin your content piece with relevant hashtags. They will put you on the map of various communities and expand the potential of organic reach to your account.

Hashtags multiply chances to increase traffic and engagement. Community hashtags pose no problem. When it comes to a brand particular one, you must clearly align it with a goal you pursue which is increasing your real audience. 

Use Videos, lots! 

Just about a week back, on 30th June 2021, Instagram officially announced (well, it didn’t, it can’t, the Instagram head did) that it’s not longer just a “photo-sharing” app.

How to Get More Followers on Instagram Using Content Only

It’s focusing a lot more on videos now. This clearly means reach and focus from photos will be shifted to videos.  

So, this is the best time to start creating videos. On Instagram, educational videos work pretty well. You could also create relatable content. The more related users feel to it, the more shares/engagement it gets, and the more your profile grows.

Post content that users “save” not just like.

Regardless of your content’s quality, you wouldn’t grow if you aren’t friends with Instagram algorithm. A few months back, it came to light that Instagram “saves” are the new hot potatoes.

In fact, Instagram now values “saves” more than likes. The logic is pretty simple actually. If someone is “saving” your content for future references, it must be of immense importance, right? Instagram detects saves and boosts your content/profile more. 

So, start posting “list posts”, “posts with data and numbers”, and other similar content which have information in them people may need in the future. Well, mind-blowing graphic and eye-candies work too if you’re good enough. 

In this case, you could post both static graphic/photos, as well as videos. 


The content can do miracles in terms of attracting people to the page. As long as you commit to thinking through every detail of its publishing. Eye-catching design, relevant information delivered when it is the timing for it, and hashtags that enhance the chances of discovery are keys for the real followers to join the ranks of your community.