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How to Get Thousands of Likes on Instagram


Instagram is probably the most popular out of all social media platforms. From celebrities to common people, everyone is caught in its hype. It is the most graphic medium, which is why it’s the more preferred choice amongst people.

Everyone wants to be famous on Instagram with a huge following. But achieving it either requires a celebrity-status or a bit of smartness. Let’s face it, none of us is a celebrity here so let’s stick with the other option. In this blog, we will tell you the most effective ways to get thousands of likes on Instagram.

Make Your Profile Public

The first and foremost thing to get more likes on Instagram is to make your profile public. This way,  anyone can visit your profile even if they’re not following you. When more people can visit your profile, there’s a chance that they might like your posts. On the flip side, the posts on a private profile can only be seen by followers.

Increase Activity on Instagram

This method will require a lot of work, but if you stick to it, your Instagram likes will increase. Increasing activity means you have to explore every feature of Instagram and use it. This will include commenting on posts, following other profiles, DMing people, going live, uploading regular Insta stories and posts. This will increase the visibility of your profile, thus getting more likes.

If you interact with accounts of Instagram influencers, this technique will be even more effective. This way, you will be exposed to a bigger audience with more chance of getting likes.

Share Original and High-Quality Images

This is also a time-consuming way of generating more likes, but it does work. Since Instagram is a pictorial medium, make sure that the images you share are original and high-quality. When you share an interesting picture, there’s a good chance that people will like it. Using a good camera with excellent lighting can be instrumental in grabbing the attention of your audience. If you want topnotch photography equipment, you can check those at Soonwell . It is a chain reaction where more likes mean more visibility resulting in more followers and likes.

Write Compelling Captions

An interesting caption can be very helpful in increasing your likes. When you share a nice picture with a good caption, the chances of people liking it doubles. If the person looking at your post does not like the picture, he might like the caption. Try to choose a suitable caption for your picture. Writing popular quotes or sharing motivational stories are not bad choices either.

Share Your Profile Link in the Caption

Sharing your profile link in the caption can help direct people on your profile resulting in more likes. This technique is effective for all platforms including Facebook and Twitter. If you will share your Instagram profile link on other platforms, your page will get more traffic.

Use Hashtags

Using hashtags is a proven technique to increase likes on Instagram. Whenever you share a new photo, use different hashtags that are relevant to your niche or genre. What it will do is that whoever searches this hashtag will find your picture in the results. It increases the chances of someone landing on your profile and liking your photos.

Another approach is by liking the photos that used the same hashtag as yours. When you like the photo of a person who used the similar, he will get a notification for it. There is a likelihood that he might return the favor by liking your photos.

Use Social Media Tools

Using social media tools is an effective and quick way to get likes. There are bots that generate Instagram likes including Like4Like  and Turbo like for Instagram. The best thing is that the likes you get are from real users. Different software has different automated mechanisms for giving likes. For example, some use the coin method to get likes while others operate on the simple rule of reciprocity.

Connect Instagram with Other Platforms

We have some friends who are active on one platform and not on the other. If you connect Instagram account with your other social media profiles, it will be very helpful in increasing your likes. For example, if you link your Instagram with facebook and twitter, it will increase your audience. Whenever you share a picture, it will appear to your friend and followers on facebook and twitter. In this way, there is a great chance of you getting more likes on your picture.

Use an Influencer

One effective way to increase your likes on Instagram is by approaching an influencer to promote your Instagram profile. Influencers are the people who have a huge following on Instagram. They could be celebrities or famous social media personalities.

An influencer can give you a shout out by posting a video or sharing your link profile on their posts. This way, all their followers will see your profile link in the caption. There is a good chance that some of them might open it and like your photos or follow you.

Share Posts at High-Traffic Hours

Sharing posts at high-traffic hours is an important and logical method of getting more likes on Instagram. Usually, people are more active in the morning and evening. If you post at these times, most of your followers will be online to see it. So, there is a chance they might like your photo.

On the contrary, if you post at dry hours, many of your followers will not see your photo. When they come online, your photo will be below new posts, and there is less likelihood of them liking it.


All of the above-mentioned techniques are best for getting more likes on Instagram. Some of these methods can produce results faster while some require time. The choice of the right technique depends on your requirements like how quickly you need likes. But one thing is for sure, all of these techniques are truly effective!


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