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How to go viral on YouTube

In modern times, YouTube is perhaps the most widely known video based social media platform. This social platform is highly interactive, and it is constantly evolving. Approximately, over 300 hours of video content gets uploaded on YouTube every minute.

In terms of a huge number of views achieved in a short amount of time, the term ‘Viral’ is used. Not every video is viral on YouTube. There are many factors that determine whether a video in YouTube is viral or not. Over a few hundred millions of hours worth videos are watched by over a billion viewers. Among them, only some become actually viral.

Today, being a YouTuber is one of the main working fields of content creators. They can be from any genre. With the correct steps, one can earn a lot through making their YouTube videos viral.

Once the channel of the YouTuber gets a minimum amount of subscriptions, the channel gets monetized. Obviously, other people will only subscribe to your channel if you can upload or create viral videos. Hence, you should know how to go viral on YouTube.

Ways to go viral on YouTube

How to go viral on YouTube

The main aim of any YouTuber should be to optimize their content in accordance with the search engine optimization algorithm. Given below are some tricks and tips that you can use to go viral on YouTube.


Keyword research


Your YouTube channel should be focused towards a particular genre. When you are uploading a video, make sure what the other related videos are. This way, you will be able to research the keywords to be used. Using keywords is one of the primary steps to make a video go viral.

As YouTube works on the same algorithm as Google, the rankings are important to go viral. With the proper keywords, your video will be ranked higher in the SERP, or the Search Engine Results Page. The higher the ranking, chances are that your video is more likely to get viewed. The file name for any video should be a highly ranked keyword related to the video.

The same thing can be applied to the title of the video as well. One of the main places for video optimization is using a proper title for the video. Certain words tend to draw more attention as headers. Research the keywords properly before coming up with your video title.


Video support on multiple platforms


A YouTube video should not only be restricted to desktop, PCs, or mobile devices. In order to make a video go viral, you have to make sure that the video can be played anywhere.

This includes the browsers, mobile devices, tabs, and even on network supporting feature phones. It has also been seen that many users are unable to play a video on their device. This essentially stops the video from spreading. You should be aware that the presentation of the video appears differently on computers and smartphones. Hence, make sure that in both of the platforms the thumbnails, descriptions, and title is clear.


Increase views and subscribers


A lot of viewers tend to subscribe to the channel and watch videos based on the number of subscribers and the views of the video. In order to rank your video higher, you have to increase both. However, initially it may be tough to do so. Hence, you can buy youtube views and subscribers for your channel and videos. For example, if a viewer searches for a video and sees your channel; with high subscribers, chances are that your video will be played. 

Buy Youtube subscribers is a good way to rank up your channel. These are all backtracking techniques to go viral.


Video descriptions


Most users perform a grave mistake by leaving out the description box while uploading a video. Optimally, your video should contain a description of about 300 words. The description should be filled with tags, keywords, and phrases that particularly link to your industry and brand.

Also, give a compact and concise description of the video in the description. You can also introduce links to other products or channels in the description. If you have more than one video on the same topic, you can interlink the videos. Also, if you are getting sponsored by a brand, you can do their promotion by providing a link of their products or services in the description.


Subtitles and closed captions


One of the primary SEO tactics in any YouTube video is to employ the subtitles and closed captions. It has been statistically that videos with English subtitles are viewed over 10 percent more than their non-subtitled competitors.

Also, if you are aiming to make a video go viral, you have to consider the global audience. Even if your video is mainly narrated in English, having subtitles as closed captions opens the way to more views.


Choose quality over quantity


Your videos should have a quality for describing the topic. It is not advisable to add a huge number of videos everyday which are not viewed that much. Take a viral topic and do some research on it.

Understand what kind of videos are more appealing to the audience. Take some hot topic and create some interesting videos on it. Try to be creative and original with the content. If people love a certain topic, they will check out almost all videos available on it.

In such cases, if your video can describe the topic in a proper and interesting manner, your video will be sure to go viral.


Optimal video length


While making a video, do not pour too much content on it. This will make the video excessively long. Viewers generally tend to like a video on the shorter side. A short video is more likely to be watched full. Hence, engaging the audience is easier with the shorter videos. However, your video should not be so short that it fails to convey the message of the video. Depending on the type of content, the video size should be optimized.


The more you can engage your audience, the higher your reach will be. With more interactions, the chances of becoming viral on YouTube increases. Remember to keep your content to the point, compact, and pull the attention of the viewers. As the rankings of the videos will increase, more and more videos will start to get viral on YouTube.