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How to identify bulk Micro SD card and SD card?


Summary: The article briefly introduces the differences between TF card and SD card, in terms of appearance, application, capacity and so on. TF card plus an adapter can be converted into SD card, but SD card cannot be converted into TF card.

Many people are confused about the difference among several memory cards in bulk, because there are several kinds of wholesale memory cards. Here we talk about the difference between SD card and Micro SD card. SD card in bulk is usually a big memory card used by camera, while Micro SD is a small memory card used by mobile phone, GPS, Dashcam or Drone. When SD card or Micro SD card is broken, you can try to use memory card repair tool to fix it, or you can use data recovery software to restore data. Here’s a detailed description of the differences:

SD card is short for Secure Digital Card. TF card is also called T-Flash card, also known as micro SD card.

  1. Appearance

The volume of SD card is 24 mm * 32 mm * 2.1 mm.

The volume of TF card is 15 mm *11 mm *1 mm!

Here are two pictures of the cards

To know more about SD Card in bulk, let’s check below table sheet.

Structure of SD card
SD card has a mechanical write protection switch to avoid accidental loss of critical data.
The guide grooves on both sides of the card can prevent it from plugging in the opposite direction. A notch can prevent the card from jumping out of the jack when the device falls or strikes.
Ribs can protect metal contacts to reduce the possibility of damage caused by static electricity or contact damage such as scratches.
●Terminal guard plate

The protection structure prevents direct contact with the needle during processing and insertion.

●Write protection switch

Sliding switch can be set to protect data.

●Modeling design to achieve correct insertion

This shape helps users to insert in the right direction.

●Notch design

When the card is physically impacted, it can prevent the positive card from falling off main equipment.

●Guide slot

It can ensure a correct insertion of main equipment.


The picture above shows the appearance of SD card.

This one introduces the appearance of wholesale Micro SD card 128MB.You can see general difference from both pictures.

2.Micro SD card plus adapter can be converted into SD card, but SD card cannot be converted into Micro SD card.

  1. Name

SD card means Secure Digital Memory Card

TF card, a memory card, is T-Flash, also known as Micro SD. It was later renamed TransFlash. The reason for renaming it as Micro SD was that it was adopted by SDA. Other memory cards adopted by SDA include miniSD and SD card.

  1. Origin

SD card was jointly developed by Panasonic, Toshiba and SanDisk in August, 1999. Micro SD card was the latest generation of memory card specifications introduced by Motorola and SanDisk in 2004.

SD card is a new generation memory device based on semiconductor flash memory.

Micro SD card is a very small flash memory card, using SanDisk’s latest NAND MLC technology and controller technology.

6. Application
SD cards are widely used in portable devices, such as digital cameras, personal digital assistants (PDA) and multimedia players.

Micro SD card is mainly used in mobile phones, GPS, Dashcam and Drone. But because of its small size and the increasing capacity, it gradually began to be used in GPS devices, portable music players and some flash memory disks.

7. Security

SD card has write protection switch!
However, Micro SD card isn’t available for write protection switch. However, Micro SD card can be converted into SD cards through the card jacket!

  1. Capacity

The capacity of SD card is ranging from SD card 128mb to 512GB SD Card bulk.

The capacity of Micro SD card is starting from 128MB Micro SD card to 128GB Micro SD Card bulk. Although it is going to launch 1TB Micro SD card at present, but it is still concept product, the price and compatibility is not accepted by main devices and consumers.


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