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How to Insert PDF Into Word: Best 8 Methods

Almost everyone would have a need to create a word document at one time or the other. You might need it to create your own personal record, or for something more official.

You may need its templates in creating a resume or a business plan. Regardless of what your needs are learning how to navigate through Microsoft word is an important life skill.

Since its first release in 1983, it has grown to become one of the most used software in the world. It is the preferred choice for many when creating a typed document.

Another type of software that is invaluable is a PDF reader. Many books and readable documents are created as PDF files.

The PDF file format was developed in the 1990s by Adobe to present documents, which may include text formatting and images in a way that’s independent of hardware, operating system, or application software.

At times you may have the need to insert a portion of a PDF document or the whole document into a word document you are creating.

This article will explain how to go about inserting PDF into your word document. It will also explain the different methods that can be used and factors to consider in choosing a method.

Factors to Consider Before Inserting PDF Into Word 🤔

There are several methods you can use in inserting your PDF document into word. Each method has its advantages and its disadvantages. There are certain factors you need to consider in deciding what method you will use. Some of those deciding factors are discussed below.

  1. If you will be editing the PDF documents or not. Not all methods will allow you to edit the PDF document after inserting it into word.
  2. Size of the PDF document. If it is one page or not. Also if you want all the pages of the document to be displayed on Word.
  3. If you want the whole PDF document displayed or a part. If you only want to copy the text of the document.
  4. The way you want the PDF to appear in Word, either as an image or in text.
  5. If you are linking the PDF in the word document.
  6. The version of Word you are using.

Whatever end you have in mind would determine the most effective method for you in inserting PDF in word.

Methods for Inserting PDF in Word

There are several methods to insert PDF in word. Some more easy than the others. Below some of the methods are described along with the steps needed to achieve your goal.

1. Embed PDF object

This method inserts an image of the first page of your PDF document into word. This image can be cropped and resized to suit your needs. Here are the steps to take in embedding PDF object in word

Open the word document and click on insert and then Click the dropdown arrow for object in the text group and select object.

How to Insert PDF Into Word

Select create from file from the object dialog box and Choose browse and then select the PDF file you want to embed.

How to Insert PDF Into Word

When the file location appears on the object dialog box, click OK. Do not click on link to file or icon.

It is important to note that the first page of the PDF that appears on the word document is a link to the hidden PDF document that is now a part of your word document.

If your initial word document was 300kb and the PDF document was 50kb, after embedding the PDF document will be 350kb.

Also note that of this new word document is converted to PDF, only the image of the first page as displayed in the word document will be converted. The hidden PDF documents will not be included.

When you make changes to the PDF they won’t be reflected on the word document because the PDF is not connected to the source file anymore.

2. Embed PDF icon

This is very similar to the previous method discussed. The only difference is that instead of having an image of the first page of your PDF as part of your word document, an icon will be displayed.

The steps to take are almost identical to the previous method. The only difference is that after choosing browse and selecting your desired PDF document, you select icon before clicking OK. The icon is an image link to the hidden PDF document.

How to Insert PDF Into Word: Best 8 Methods

As in the previous method the size of the word document increases. Also if you convert the new word document to a PDF document, the hidden file will not be included, only the icon.

3. Link to external PDF

The steps to do this are similar to that of embedding an object. The only difference is that after selecting the PDF file, you choose link to file before clicking OK.

How to Insert PDF Into Word: Best 8 Methods

In this case, the PDF document does not actually become a hidden part of the word document. If you intend on sending the word document to someone, you’ll have to send the PDF document separately.

The advantage of this method is that the file size of the word document does not change.

The image of the first page of the PDF is inserted into the word document.

4. Insert PDF as image

You may also choose to insert the PDF as a static image. To do this you have to first convert the PDF to JPG. After converting you can then follow these steps in inserting the image in the word document.

  • Open the word document and click on insert
  • Click on picture to open the dropbox
  • Locate your desired JPG file and click on insert

You can repeat this procedure if you want to insert several pages of your PDF as static images. This method is best suited for older versions of word.

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5. Insert text from PDF file to Word

Using the insert object tool, you can insert text from a PDF file to word. Doing this would insert only the text and not the original formatting or graphics from the PDF file. The steps to follow are given below.

Open word, place cursor where you want text placed and Click on the Insert tab on the menu bar. Under the text group, click the arrow next to object and Click text on file.

How to Insert PDF Into Word: Best 8 Methods

Go to the PDF file you want to insert in the insert file dialog box, click on insert

The PDF will appear in your word document once it is converted to text

On Word 2013 or 2016 you can open the PDF file you want to insert and copy the copy and paste the editable text into your word document.

Also, note that you can open the PDF on acrobat and export it to a word document.

6. Copy the PDF text to Word

This method copies the PDF text into Word without copying graphics or formatting in the original file.

  • Open PDF file
  • Right-click anywhere on the document and choose select tool
  • After selecting the text you want to copy, right-click the selection, and copy
  • Open word and paste on the location you want the text on your word document

To use this method, you need a PDF reader like Adobe Acrobat.

7. Convert PDF document to Word or JPG

There are several online tools to convert PDF to Word or to convert PDF to JPG. Alternatively, you can use the full version of Adobe to do the conversion. To do this:

  • Open the document on Adobe Acrobat
  • Click on export PDF
  • Select the format you want to convert the PDF to, either word or to image
  • Insert the file you want to export using any of the methods already explained above.

One advantage of using the Adobe Acrobat to export files is the higher quality files you get as a result. If you have the full Adobe software, it is advisable to use this method.

8. Use Google Docs

Google docs is also a useful tool to insert PDF files into word. To do this you need to open Google docs and follow these steps.

  • Click new> file upload, then select the PDF document you want to upload
  • Once your PDF file is uploaded on your drive, right-click the file and open with google docs
  • Copy and paste the word document you want to combine with the PDF and edit
  • Download the edited document as a Microsoft Word file.

Unlike the method of exporting PDF, the formatting style is different from the original PDF document in this method. Also, there are file size limits, which is something you have to put into consideration.


Inserting your PDF file into word gives you the ease of access that you won’t have had if they were different files. You can put everything you need in one file. Cross-referencing between documents becomes much easier.

This is one skill everyone should have in their locker.