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How to Keep Remote Workers Engaged and Productive

For most people, 2020 has been the year of change and growth. While the COVID-19 pandemic has caused a number of interruptions to the daily lives of people all over the world, it has also revealed how resilient and strong the human spirit really is. If you are a business owner, 2020 has probably brought about a number of changes to the way you operate.

Many businesses shut the doors to their physical locations at the beginning of the pandemic in an attempt to stop the spread of this virus. If you currently have employees working remotely to stay productive during the pandemic, check out the tips below on how to keep your remote workers productive and engaged.

How to Keep Remote Workers Engaged and Productive

Having the Right Tools is Crucial

The main priority you should have when trying to help your remote employees is providing them with the tools they need to work effectively. Since these workers are not in their traditional office settings, they may not have access to the typical tools found in these environments. For instance, a remote worker without a physical fax machine will have a hard time communicating via this method. The best way to solve this problem is by providing your team with the power of eFax. With eFax, remote workers can send faxes online with the push of a button, from anywhere.

Not only is this technology easy to use, it can also help you save money on fax machine repairs and upkeep. You should also invest in a cloud-based project management software program to make managing your remote workers easier. These programs allow you to delegate tasks to employees and track the progress they are making. While adopting new technologies can be stressful, it is well worth the efforts you invest to keep business running smoothly.

Effective Communication is Important

In a recent study, more than 71% of business owners polled claimed that employee engagement was a crucial component to success. If you have recently started allowing your employees to work remotely, you must realize just how important constant communication is. Checking in with your remote workers every morning is crucial when trying to find out about problems and fix them before any damage is done.

You also need to make sure you communicate your expectations to remote workers regarding the tasks they perform. Leaving these details unspoken will result in problems over time. Make sure that your remote workers know you are always available to answer questions and address their concerns quickly. Having this type of open dialogue with your remote workers will keep them both loyal and engaged. If a remote employee feels like they are not being kept in the loop, they will probably feel a lack of engagement, and may even seek out other employment opportunities.

Provide Recognition for a Job Well Done

Remote employees who feel like they are not appreciated will do the bare minimum for their bosses. Some business owners are quick to criticize workers, but slow to compliment a job well done. Having this mentality can lead to a higher employee turnover rate. This is why you should always give praise to your employees whenever you can. This will make them more confident and will even increase their productivity.

Put These Tips to Use

By using the tips in this article, you will be able to keep your remote workers productive and happy. Monitoring your remote employees is also a must when trying to find productivity problems early on and fix them.