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How to Make Radar Detector with Arduino and Ultra Sonic Sensor


This Project is all about Radar Detector with Arduino. Simple and easy to build. I will take pictures and code of Arduino!

A few things I will introduce your project …

A detector is a device measuring device that shows the presence of a phenomenon or object. In today’s branch of science used to observe phenomena, signal separation is the same as that used for searching and testing as described in this article. Most commonly used in chemistry, radio technology, physics and metal detectors. Chemical substance is a device used to detect the existence of substances (usually toxic or harmful) substances. Radio technology detects signals that convert AC to DC signals at a higher frequency. In physics, a device used to determine properties or to identify particles and radiation.

The purpose of this project is to implement a detector facility with a two-dimensional representation of the registered objects on the LCD screen. The project is based on Arduino’s microcontroller, ultrasonic sensor HC-SR04 and serial communication between the two devices. At present, the simple communication between microcontrollers and sensors is one of the detection methods that are constantly found, and the distance between objects is calculated. The servo motor is used to start the ultrasonic sensor. The programming is from 15 ° to 165 ° to determine the swing angle servomotor. Ultrasonic sensors, usually measuring a distance of 4 meters, are configured in this project to measure distances up to 40 cm.

Let’s take a look at what components are needed and implement the project!

Step 1 Collect Hardware Requirements

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Servo Motors Sg90

How to Make Radar Detector with Arduino and Ultra Sonic Sensor

Ultra Sonic Sensor HC-SR04

How to Make Radar Detector with Arduino and Ultra Sonic Sensor

Let’s recap on required Components

Arduino UNO R3

An electronic testing circuit board

Jump wires

USB cable for Arduino to computer

Micro servo SG90

Ultrasonic sensor hc-sr04

Step 2 Collect Software Requirements

Processing IDE

Arduino IDE

Source Code RADAR  

Step 3 Let’s Building

First of all, we need to define in the handler fonts the letters and symbols displayed on the screen for the radar.

In the Radar.rar file, you will see the “OCRAEXT” file, the font file, which you can click on and install. Then, in the program Processing: “tools / Create Font …” a list of fonts will appear and find “OCRAExtended” … click on it, select the font size of 30 and click on OK (as in the picture)! Look at what port your Arduino is connected to and set port number COM4 on line 13 of the processing code.

Wired up all things as the figure below

Everything connected to the Fritzing program, boot, upload Arduino code, open processing code, set everything, you are ready! I put the server on a small wooden block, put a small wooden stick on that sensor. Hope you like it, this is a great project for me, very educational!

If you have problems, I will try my best to help you.

This is the Test Video of radar Sensor.

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Hope my article “How to Make Radar Detector with Arduino and Ultra Sonic Sensor” helps you to understand How to Make Radar Detector with Arduino. If you have any query, feel free to comment.


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