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How To Make Your Pinterest Account Private

In this article, I am discussing how to make your Pinterest account private. I understand privacy is a huge issue for many internet users. In fact, it has become so much of a deal that best practice requires you to connect to the internet using a VPN.

Pinterest is a social media and image sharing service created to enhance information discovery on the internet via images, and on a lesser scale using videos and animated GIFs.

Without much ado, let me take you through the most efficient hacks for using or making your Pinterest account private.

How to Make Your Pinterest Account Private

1. Make Use of Pinterest Secret Boards

Just like the name seems to imply, a Pinterest secret board is a private board consisting of secret Pinterest pins. If you would rather have an image or website pinned so that no one else on the Pinterest platform can view it, then a secret board should be your go-to.

While it remains secret and just for you, Pinterest allows the possibility of inviting collaborators to the board. These specially invited collaborators would be able to see what is pinned as well as comment on them. They would also be able to pin websites and images of their own.

Whenever a new secret board is created, only the owner is able to make the board available for public view. All comments associated with this board would be private as well unless the owner changes it to a public board.

It even gets better because Pinterest allows users to have an unlimited amount of secret boards.

Here is how to make your Pinterest account private by creating a secret board:

First, navigate to your profile page and click the plus icon.

how to make your pinterest account private plus sign

From the menu, select the ‘Board option‘.



Next name the board and make sure to check the ‘Keep this board secret‘ option.

How To Make Your Pinterest Account PrivateFinally, click on create.

To add collaborators to the board follow these steps:

Select the secret board you have just created. Next to your profile picture click on the plus sign. Copy the link provided and share with prospective collaborators or search for the collaborators using the search box, then invite them.

How To Make Your Pinterest Account Private

2. Update Your Search Engines Pinterest Account Privacy

Here is another way of making your account private.

Search engines may crawl Pinterest. This simply means that they may be able to display your boards or profile on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). Pinterest gives you the liberty to choose not to be visible on SERPs. All you would need to do is edit your search privacy in the Pinterest settings.

Here is how to make your Pinterest account private by turning on your search privacy:

At the top right corner of the Pinterest home page, click the downwards pointing arrow. This reviews a few options. From the options list, click on ‘Settings‘.

How To Make Your Pinterest Account Private

On the right pane of the display page, select the ‘Privacy and data‘ option. Then from the list of options displayed on the other pane check the ‘Hide your profile from search engines (Ex. Google)’ option.

Finally, select ‘Save‘.

How To Make Your Pinterest Account Private

3. Using Pinterest’s Block and Report Feature

This is essential if you need to control how followers see and interact with your pins. The downside to blocking Pinterest profiles is that you would have to do it for individual profiles, which can be really exhausting especially if there are many profiles you want to be blocked.

However, this is still a valid way of making your account private at least to some.

Here is how to make your Pinterest account private by Using Pinterest’s Block and Report Feature.

User Accounts:-

First, start by opening the person’s profile. Click to the left and select block. When asked to confirm, simply confirm.

Business Accounts:-

Navigate to the business account profile and click just next to follow. Then select the block option, and make sure to confirm when prompted to.

Please note that even after someone has been blocked, they would still show up in feeds, searches, boards, and groups. If you have saved pins from them, they will be on your profile until you choose to manually remove them one after the other.

4. Using Pseudo Names

This would be my last go-to. While it in fact would not make the very Pinterest account private, it hides the identity of the account owner.

A pseudo name is an equivalent of a Ghost account. So for instance. If I am opening a Pinterest account, I would want to give it my name; Afam Onyimadu. But if I am using a pseudo, I may rather name the account John Doe.

Pinterest would allow you to change both your username and display name even after the account has been created. If you are going down this part. you should also consider changing the profile picture to something else.

Here is how to make your Pinterest account private by editing the display name, username, and profile picture:

First, log in to your Pinterest account. Afterward, on the top right corner of the page, click the dropdown arrow. This reveals a set of options, from which you should select settings.

How To Make Your Pinterest Account Private

When on the settings page, click on the edit profile option at the left pane of the window. This will bring out your profile. You can click change beside the profile image to edit it or change the display name and username as shown in the image below.

How To Make Your Pinterest Account Private

Once this is done, make sure you save the changes made before editing the page. This process would work on an individual and business account. And even though I have done this using the web, it is in fact a very similar process on the mobile app.

Controlling Pinned Content From Your Website

We have mainly talked about how to keep your Pinterest account private, but just as a note of caution to content owners, you must know you can also manage what and how your content is pinned on Pinterest.

I will explain how this is achieved using the No Pin feature.

For this to work, you must have administrative access to the back end of your website. Simply open the HTML code and paste the code below in the header:

<meta name=”pinterest” content=”nopin” />

This will display the warning text that the website doesn’t allow pins on Pinterest.

You can be fancier by customizing the display text using the code below:

<meta name = “pinterest” content = “nopin” description = “Sorry, you are not permited to save to Pinterest!” />
Of course, non of this method would guarantee 100% privacy. If you can not make any compromises on privacy, then it may be best not to be on social media or Pinterest, and you may consider deleting your account.

Common FAQ’s on Pinterest Privacy

Q: Is it possible for anyone to see my pins on Pinterest?

A: Yes. By default, Pinterest accounts would be open to everyone. The only way to get around this, especially if you don’t want others to see your board is to hide the account.

Q: Is it possible to hide my Pinterest followers?

A: No. This is not possible. The only walk around would be to block your followers.

Q: How do I accept invitations to secrete Pinterest boards?

A: You would need to be logged into your Pinterest account on the web. The app does not provide an option for this. It is wise to first check what is pinned and who is pinning on boards you are invited to before accepting. There is an option to ignore invitations and exit boards.

Q: Can anyone share secret Pinterest boards?

A: No. This board has to be made public first. Users can however download the photo, but the username would remain invisible.

Q: Are there screenshot notifications on Pinterest?

A: Yes, there are. For any image, video, or text screenshot, users would receive alerts.

Final Thoughts on How to Make Your Pinterest Account Private

I have covered this topic because privacy especially on the web is becoming a big issue by the day. Users daily seek new ways of accessing their favorite platforms more anonymously. Making Pinterest accounts private would give you a level of security and animosity.

I have so far given my inputs in order of efficiency, but I would love to know what your thoughts are and what hacks you may have successfully used in the past to maintain privacy while on Pinterest.