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How To Manage Official Kodi Add-ons


You can make your Kodi box do more with some brilliant free official add-ons. We’ll show you how to Manage Official Kodi Add-ons. While there are loads of third-party Kodi add-ons available that give you access to lots of content, you shouldn’t ignore the best built-in ones.

Available from the official Kodi repository, these add-ons are guaranteed to access only legal content and be free of malware.

There’sahuge range on offer and, as they’re available from inside Kodi, they’re incredibly easy to install and manage. We’ll take you through everything that you need to know, and in the box on the right we’ve picked out our favorite add-ons.

Step-by-Step Process To Manage Official Kodi Add-ons

1. Find add-ons

The easiest way to install an add-on is to go to the Add-ons section and scroll down to
Download. Once you’ve selected this, you get a list of add-on categories to choose
from. Browse through the categories, and you can select individual add-ons to find
out more information about them.

Manage Official Kodi Add-ons

2. Install add-ons

Select an add-on, and you’ll be taken to the information screen. Select the Install button, and the add-on will be automatically downloaded and installed on your Kodi box.
You’ll be given a notification when the add-on is ready for use.

How to manage official Kodi add-ons

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3.Run an add-on

Once an add-on has been installed, you can find most of them in the Add-ons section of
the main menu. Kodi splits add-ons into categories: Photos, Videos, Music and
Program. Select these sub-categories to find your installed add-on. Note that not all add-ons appear here. Skins, screensavers and other customization options can be accessed through Settings.

How to manage official Kodi add-ons

4. Manage or uninstall add-ons

To find which add-ons you have installed, go to Add-ons and select My add-ons. You can
now browse through the categories of add-ons: those with a tick next to them are installed, those with a cross are not.

Select an installed add-on, and you can use the Configure button to change settings and
customize it. Use the Uninstall option to remove an add-on.

How To Manage Official Kodi Add-ons

Best official Kodi add-ons

OpenWeatherMap Extended
Gives you regularly updated regularly updated weather reports straight to your TV.

CU LRC Lyrics
This add-on shows This add-on shows you lyrics for practically any music track, so you
can sing along.

Unpause Jumpback
This add-on jumps back a set amount of time when time when you unpause a video – so
you’ll never miss another bit another bit of dialogue again.

iPlayer WWW
Catch up on the latest content from the BBC with this top iPlayer add-on.

A great source  of all kinds all kinds of videos, this plug-in means you don’t have to
leave Kodi to watch YouTube.

Integrate your Dropbox account with Kodi, so you can browse any files you
have stored in the cloud.

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Hope my article “How to manage official Kodi add-ons” helps you to manage official Kodi add-ons. If you have any query, feel free to comment.