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How to Mark up a PDF Document Free

Marking up a PDF document for free can be tough because most of the time, we do not know which sites offer such services for free. For those who do not know, marking up a pdf document is to add photos, links, and notes using markup tools. In this article, we will be teaching you how to edit a PDF form template using CocoDoc, a free online PDF editor, and explaining its process of using markup tools. So without any further delay, let’s begin!

About CocoDoc

CocoDoc is a free online PDF editor. It is secured with 256-bit encryption so all the files you edit are kept safe. They have a large variety of tools you could try. If you want to compress, merge, convert, and even edit files, then CocoDoc is perfect for you!

Their overall website is easy to navigate and use. CocoDoc has paid plans for you to subscribe to but if you just want to edit for markup, then you can do that for free by simply signing up! Signing up is quite straightforward, you just have to put in your mail, name, and password! Let’s take a look at all the advantages and disadvantages of using CocoDoc.

Advantages of CocoDoc

Excellent security

Thanks to CocoDoc’s security system, users feel very safe knowing that no one can gain access to their files. Moreover, once you finish editing using CocoDoc, they delete the PDF you edited from their mainframe to ensure your privacy is maintained.

OCR technology

This technology scans the PDF file and provides a top-quality result which attracts many users.


If you are not satisfied with the free version and want to upgrade to a paid plan, CocoDoc has the best rates for you to use. Its basic plan costs $9. Its premium plan costs $12 and its business plan costs $25. If you do not want to jump straight into a paid plan, CocoDoc has a 14-day free trial to help you experience all the tools and benefits.

How to Mark up a PDF Document Free


Mobile app only available to premium users

You need to be on a paid plan to be able to use the mobile app which is very convenient for on-the-go and last-minute work. 

Slow downloading if you have a weak internet connection 

If you have a weak internet connection, then CocoDoc takes longer than usual to download since it is using high-quality software to ensure your work is in excellent condition. But this issue is not very common amongst users.

 Now that we have discussed all that CocoDoc has to offer, let’s find out where you can find the markup tool and how you can use it.

Finding the Markup tool at CocoDoc

The first step to take after signing up is to go to the home page and scroll down. There you will find all the tools CocoDoc offers. Click on the Edit PDF Online, you will then be redirected to the PDF editor. You will then have to drop a PDF file you want to edit into the rectangular box. Then, CocoDoc will scan your PDF file using its OCR feature, and then you will be allowed to edit.

How to Mark up a PDF Document Free How to Mark up a PDF file

Now, use the Text Box option on the side of where you want to take notes and start writing! If you want to add an image then simply use the add Image tool above. You can also use the Highlight feature to mark important statements. Once you are done making changes then simply click on Download. If you have a weak internet connection then CocoDoc will take some time to download the file since quality is what matters the most.


With those easy steps, you have successfully learned how to markup a PDF document for free. CocoDoc has proved to be very helpful to users from all over the world. It has an overall rating of 4.8/5.0. If you want to do any other edits, conversions, or sign a document, then simply use CocoDoc because it is free and extremely convenient. Using Markup tools by CocoDoc is very easy and you can always make corrections without any issues.