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How to Measure Your Marketing Growth and Success on Instagram?


How to Measure Your Marketing Growth and Success on Instagram?

Thanks to the 800 million active users and 80 million visuals shared every day, Instagram has already surpassed Twitter in terms of engagement and is just a position below from Facebook in terms of the audience base. The reason behind the popularity of Instagram is its uniqueness in content creation and posting, as well as, its mobile exclusive nature. For marketers, who are looking for high exposure on social media, Instagram tends to be an ideal channel. Owing to its visual only theme, marketers find Instagram a great platform for enhancing their rate of user engagement.

Another reason that makes this social media platform a great marketing tool is its user-friendly nature, as you can always have an insight into your promotional campaign. In general, Instagram offers certain metrics through which you can easily analyze the success of your Instagram marketing campaign. Here are some of the metrics that you should pay attention to in case you are new to Instagram:

Follower Growth

If you are looking for a boost in your user engagement and increase your overall site traffic, keeping an eye on the follower growth should be a regular activity. Tracking the rise in follower count will offer a clear idea of how well your visuals are doing on the platform. With the help of Instagram Insights, you can have detailed information on how many followers you gained after posting an image. This data will help you in improvising your content marketing strategy on the platform. In simple terms, with the information gained through follower growth metric, you can expand your reach on the platform with better content.

Comments per Visual

Most of the times, marketers count only the likes on their posts and think this is the only metric that determines the overall success of their posts. This is not the entire truth, as comments and interaction on your images and videos are equally important. The conversations on your posts signal the rate of user engagement on your posts. In order to increase the number of comments on your Instagram posts, indulge in conversations and respect the thoughts of your followers. This kind of gesture will highlight your professionalism and will show how much you care for your Instagram followers. Apart from that, you have to make your visuals attractive for securing more comments on your posts.

Instagram Save Facility

When you post a compelling content, users often save your visual which increases the chances of their revisit to your Instagram profile. The saved image has its own unique privacy policy, as only the user can access it in the saved menu of their Instagram profile. However, with Instagram Insights, you can check the number of users that saved your content, which will further help you in enriching the content relevance. The more meaningful you post is, the more saves, and higher user engagement you will receive.

Final Thoughts

There are other metrics such as hashtag engagement and stories metrics that will also help you in improving the quality of your content for getting better user engagement and success in your Instagram marketing campaign.


Author Bio – Bryce Larson is a famous influencer on Instagram. He owns a large audience base on the platform and suggests new ways for increasing Instagram followers to the readers of his blog.


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