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How to optimize a laptop for DJing


There is a common misconception that DJ software doesn’t work so well on PCs. However, this can’t be further from the truth.  The problem is usually not the PC, but the DJ’s inability to optimize the PC for the best performance. In case you are struggling with your laptop’s performance, here’s how to optimize the laptop you have for your DJ gigs.

1.Update your laptop BIOS

Part of the reason why your laptop may not be running properly is that DJ software does cause some lagging of system speeds. By upgrading your laptop BIOS, you give it the power to optimally run all kinds of software, not just DJing software. So how do you update it? Well, it’s pretty easy. Computer drivers and other upgrades can now be done online. Simply visit the manufacturer’s website, and search for BIOS upgrade, then follow instructions.

2. Make sure your DJing sound card has ASIO

Asio stands for Audio Stream Input/Output. These are drivers meant to optimize sound performance.  When you install a sound card that has ASIO drivers, the performance of your laptop is likely to be much higher, and give you optimal DJing performance. You can find reviews for sound cards with ASIO drivers at http://www.bestdjstuff.com/. It’s one of the best reviews out there for DJing stuff.

3.Uninstall non-DJing stuff from your laptop

One of the best ways to increase laptop performance for DJing is to dedicate it to DJing stuff. The best way to do this is to uninstall all non-DJing stuff from your laptop. This ensures that all your laptop’s processing power is dedicated to running the DJing software. For better performance after installing non-DJing stuff, try connecting it to different USB ports until you find one that works most efficiently.

4. Do a software diagnosis for your laptop

Sometimes you can try everything out there including doing upgrades and changing the USB ports but it still doesn’t lead to efficiency. In such a case, you need to diagnose your laptop of software problems. To do this, you can make use of applications that are designed to check for performance problems. Getting your hands on such applications is easy since most of them are free. Simply do a Google search for free latency checkers, and you will get access to a whole host of checkers that can help you optimize your laptop for DJing.

5. Set your laptop for high performance

Most times people set their laptop power settings in power saving mode, in order to prolong the battery performance. However, when it comes to DJing, this can lead to performance lags. To optimize the performance of your laptop, set your laptop to high performance. By doing this, your laptop may take up more battery power, but it will give you optimal performance when in concert.

6. Disable GPU tools

GPU tools get priority in computer processing power, and may slow down other processes. To get optimal performance when DJing, disable all GPU tools. This way, the computer can focus all its processing power on DJing tools for optimal performance. In fact, there is no need to have a GPU in a machine that you use solely for DJing.


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