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How to Optimize Your WordPress Website


How to Optimize Your WordPress Website

You are not able to get the minimum amount of traffic from search engines even you have a stunning, feature rich, visually beautiful website. Major search engines like Google, AOL and Bing don’t care about your website design and amazing images that you have added to it.

Search engines only care about Quality content, Alt Tags, keywords, headings and so much more. So you need to understand what search engines are looking for on your website.

You can bring new success to your new blogging venture only by understanding search engine criteria. However, on the other hand, your search engine misunderstandings will put you out of business.

How to Optimize Your WordPress Website

Here in this article, I am going to share with you a step by step guide to optimize your WordPress website for free. So if you want to optimize your WordPress website for better results then you need to read this whole article.

1. Set Your Permalinks

The URLs of your website posts and pages are called permalinks. In other words, a permalink is an address that users insert in his web browser for reading your website particular page or post.

You need to do permalink setting because WordPress comes with default permalinks settings. Simply go to your WordPress dashboard, click on setting and then click on permalinks.

How to Optimize Your WordPress Website

So here you need to change your default setting to post or page name, since it is easy for search engines to index and also easy for users to remember.

How to Optimize Your WordPress Website

2. Create a Sitemap

You website/blog can contain hundreds or thousands of posts and in order to index you all web pages in google, you need to tell Google about your website structure.

It is very easy for you to create a Google XML sitemap. An extremely useful plugin is available in WordPress plugins directory which is called Google XML Sitemaps.

You need to install this WordPress plugin on your website because it is able to generate XML sitemap of your website within few seconds which will help you to index your website in a better way.

On Technicalustad, we are using Squirrly SEO plugin to submit Sitemap.

How to Optimize Your WordPress Website

3. Use SEO Friendly Themes

Apparently, WordPress offers tons of free and paid themes that provides your website a strong foundation. However, you need to choose a theme which is SEO friendly or SEO optimized instead of choosing a theme which is beautiful and appealing.

Speed and code are the two main things which are available in an SEO optimized theme. An SEO optimized theme is written very well with latest and best SEO practices.

Technicalustad is proudly running on WordPress newsmag theme by tag div and we are really happy with their Customization options.

Check out my these articles that help you to understand how easy this theme is to work with.

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4. Use SEO Plugins

WordPress also offers you lots of SEO plugins and the best plugins that you need to use for optimizing your website are All in One SEO Plugins and Yoast SEO.

These plugins encourage you to add a Meta description, Meta titles, keywords and few more things which are very important in SEO.

Technicalustad is proudly using Yoast SEO plugin to optimize our website and Post.

How to Optimize Your WordPress Website

5. Optimize Your Media

Media is an essential part of any website/blog. Media can either improve your website SEO or ruin your SEO efforts. You need to use Alt tag for all the images because it determines your SEO.

If you optimize your media properly then there are more chances that your images will be ranked higher in the google image search.

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Hope my article “How to Optimize Your WordPress Website” helps you to optimize your WordPress Website. if you have any query, feel free to comment.


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