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How to Pick the Best Radar Detector This Holiday Season


With the holidays right around the corner, you’re going to hear all kinds of pitches about what radar detectors are the best. But, rather than be persuaded by deals and sales of all kinds know what you need from it.

Features of radar detectors can determine the price and if you’re picking a gift for someone you need to know what the best radar detector is for them. There are many bells and whistles that can be irrelevant to some drivers or necessary tools to others, so what features make the best radar detector gift?

GPS with Your Radar Detector

Knowing where the police are sitting while you’re driving is the basic function of any radar detector, but that doesn’t help with speed cameras or getting around. Now you can get these handy devices with a GPS feature, one that will give you an alert when approaching the speeding ticket by mail traffic lights.

This would be a good idea for more city-centric drivers rather than highway truckers, as the latter won’t be seeing too many traffic lights or speeding cops down a long stretch of road. Many of these GPS enabled radar detectors can also “remember” areas that are important to you, such as sudden speed drops or a speed trap. Another handy feature for the city dweller.

Linking the Radar Detector with Your Smartphone

If the loved one you’re shopping for clings to their smartphone or is a tech-head then this kind of radar detector would be a good idea for them. There are iOS and Android apps that connect with the radar detector that end up working a bit like Waze. You can set locations where traffic cops tend to hang or speed drops, much like the GPS-enabled radar detector. Except with the connection you don’t need to stare at the radar detector, just look at the phone. Another added bonus is if the radar detector is sending your phone alerts via Bluetooth your detector is harder to detect.

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Hide the Radar Detector

There are states where radar detectors are frowned upon or the police may give you a harder time for having one, so cops may have radar detector detectors. Any officer equipped with an RDD will know when a radar detector is being used in their area but now there are features that can detect an RDD. If the person you’re buying a gift for lives in one of these areas, this could be a feature of interest to them. The radar detector will immediately shut down or is shielded from the RDD. A nice little trick for someone who doesn’t want to get bogged down by speeding tickets or traffic cops.

These 3 features of modern radar detectors will be nice treats for anyone who is looking for a ticket free drive. While your gift recipient may not need all 3,  now you have a better idea what to look for when cruising the holiday sales. There are many more features to consider while shopping such as windshield mounting, remote controlled, cordless, or 360-degree laser detection.

The 3 features listed above are the most beneficial to all drivers and a safer bet to see a smiling face when you give them their present. But, you know your loved one better and should explore whatever feature you think they’ll need on the road. Again, don’t go around looking for the best sale as you may end up getting a radar detector that doesn’t match their lifestyle at all.

Give meaningful gifts that are person appropriate, know the radar detector features they’ll use before putting on in your cart. Now that you know what features to look for it’s time to find a specific model. Vortex Radar has made this easy with their comparison guide which looks at the best radar detectors of 2018


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