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How to Prepare For Google Professional Cloud Architect Exam


Google Cloud Architect certification package gives the cloud professionals of Google an opportunity to show their talent and skills. The valuation is grounded on a critical exam which utilizes industry standard methods to tell whether a particular applicant meets the proficiency standards of Google or not.

As per Google itself, an individual having https://www.examsnap.com/cloud-certification-dumps.html helps the organizations to leverage technologies related to Google Cloud. With a serious understanding of Google Cloud Platform and Cloud architecture, an individual can easily develop, secure and design dynamic solutions to drive different business objectives.

The applicants who achieve this small diploma will geta high amount of sureness in their proficiency, ability and understanding of GCP atmosphere. In the cloud marketplace, a person having Google Cloud Architect Certification will have an edge.

Are you ready for this exam?

If you are someone who wants to demonstrate his/her ability in designing Google cloud architectures, then this exam is ideal for you. The exam is perfect for system administrators, enterprise architects,and operations team members.

What do you achieve through Google Cloud Architect Certification?

Google Cloud Architect Certification provides value to customers, employers as well as the employees. The certification provides you an edge in your career and makes you achieve the following:

  • The certification allows you to show your knowledge pertaining to product and technology.
  • The certification helps you in gaining enhanced knowledge related to a particular technology or a product.
  • The certification serves as a proof of learning that is continuous in nature.
  • It enhances your credibility in the organization.
  • Your career opportunities in the market increase because of this certification.
  • Having this certification means that you can easily plan and design a cloud solution architecture.
  • You can design for compliance and security.
  • Through this certification, you can optimize business and technical processes.
  • This certification allows you to manage implementations of the cloud architecture.

Exam Guide

The exam can be given by you in both English as well as Japanese. There are particular basics or prerequisites for this particular exam. The exam is held in the Kryterion testing center. The exam contains multiple choice questions which an applicant must complete in 2 hours. The registration fee for the exam is $200.

You should reach at the exam center before the exam actually begins. You should have a registered identity along with you which can be your country passport or the driving license. It is preferable that you should contact the exam officials a day before the exam. They will tell you what you need to carry with you. Your pockets should be empty and you cannot take any kind of a paper with you in the test center. You shall be thoroughly observed while the exam is going on through cameras. You need to log in first and click the begin button so that the exam officially starts for you.

How to Prepare?

There are several ways through which you can actually prepare for the exam. Some of the ways have been discussed in the headings below.

Training Courses

Global knowledge is the official training companion of Google Cloud. It provides the official training material which has been crafted by Google experts. Below we have mentioned some of the training courses which will help you prepare well for Google Professional Cloud Architect exam. The majority of these subjects or courses are led by instructors. The courses are as follows

  • The first course which you can do is the Google cloud fundamentals
  • The second course is related to architecting through Google cloud platform
  • The third course is related to the design and processing

Other materials

While studying for Google Professional Cloud Architect Exam there is no better option than spending some time on the product itself. The formal training serves as the first step to understand the cloud architecture. There are numerous different ways through which you can devote time in GCP, training the product set to meet exact goals and perform tasks as you study for appearing in the exam.


As you study for the certification, time comes when you need more practice. Fortunately, there are many tutorials available through which you can actually indulge in serious practice. There are 2 types of tutorials which are provided. One is provided by the GCP community and the other is provided by Google. The tutorials which are provided by Google are developed and upheld by the employees of Google.

Tips and Tricks

There are certain tips and tricks that can help you as far as preparing for Google Professional Cloud Architect Exam is concerned. Some of these tricks have been discussed in the points below

  • You need to prepare for the exam efficiently. There are no questions related to the specific usage of the product. Since the test is primarily for architects hence the questions are written to test your level of understanding.
  • This is not a kind of test for which you can prepare a day before and appear in the exam the next day. It is important that you study in the environment of GCP before you actually appear for the exam.
  • There are a number of case studies which are given to you by popular company named Google. Make sure that you read these case studies thoroughly. There is a lot of preparation material in these case studies that can be very handy for you.


These were some of the basic guidelines through which you can actually clearGoogle Professional Cloud Architect exam. The guidelines are fairly easy and there is no rocket science involved in it. If you wish you can always seek help from someone who has previously given this exam. It is always nice to have a word or two with someone who has gone through the heat. An experienced person will share his experiences with you which will always be handy.



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