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How to promote your business on Instagram


With more than a billion active monthly users, Instagram is the ideal social network for sharing photos and videos. Every day, more than 80 million photos are published and 3.5 billion likes are exchanged.

It is a very interesting channel in terms of engagement, and is very popular with digital natives, people born after the 80s, who will be the decision-makers of tomorrow.

In this article, you will discover how to launch your business on Instagram, make yourself known on this network and produce effective content in terms of commitment, not to mention how to make your watch on this social network.

Why use Instagram for your business?

If you’re wondering “what can Instagram do for my business? Here are some figures that should convince you:

More than 500 million people log into Instagram every day

Instagram is the favorite social network of influences

The engagement rate on Instagram is 60 times higher than that of Facebook

4.2 billion likes are exchanged every day

In short, Instagram is today the # 1 social network for engagement and interaction. If its real Instagram followers is inferior to Facebook, the quality of exchanges and communities more than make up for it. It is a channel that is now inevitable, whatever your sector.

Create your Instagram account

So you decided to create an Instagram account for your company, congratulations! But now, where to start?

First of all you will have to choose an account name. The most obvious is to choose the name of your company, or a name that allows direct recognition of your brand.

Fill out your profile with a photo of your logo, your office or your products, as long as you identify your brand, and complete your description with a short informative text about your company.

In this bio is an element that will be decisive to redirect your audience to your site: the link.

Because Instagram does not allow to insert clickable links in the description of photos, the bio of your profile becomes the only place to encourage your subscribers to visit your web page.

There are two ways to use this link optimally:

A constant link, which will return to the page of your most relevant site: presentation of your products, of your spirit of enterprise, it will depend on your strategy.

A link that will change regularly. Do you have a blog or frequently have news to share? Instagram can be a good way to highlight these contents. Post a photo related to this news and indicate that the link is in the description of your profile, link that you have updated.

Whichever strategy suits you best, consider shortening your links, to lighten your description!

(Instagram also allows adding clickable link in Stories, but this feature is currently only available for accounts that have more than 10,000 subscribers)

If you want to open multiple accounts for your business, depending on the industry or geographic area, Instagram has recently offered the ability to manage multiple accounts through the same profile.

Create a professional Instagram account

By linking your Instagram account to your Facebook page, you’ll have access to the benefits of Instagram followers business accounts.

The benefits are many:

Access to your account statistics

Direct planning of your content via third-party tools like Meltwater Engage

Benefit from additional options like adding clickable links in the Stories (for accounts with more than 10,000 subscribers) and Instagram Shopping

And all this for free!

To create a business account on Instagram, it’s easy: just go to your account settings and select “Switch to a business account”. Here you will be able to choose the Facebook page of your brand.


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