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How To Protect Against Ransomware


How To Protect Against Ransomware:-

Ransomware attacks can easily bypass traditional antivirus software to blackmail unsuspecting consumers. It’s a very real threat to home PC users, who do not have access to enterprise-grade security systems,”.

Once your files have been locked by ransomware, your chances of getting them back are extremely slim. One of the best ways to protect yourself from this type of malware is to create regular incremental backups on a drive that is not (normally) connected to your PC.

Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows FREE (Download Now)  for Windows makes this job very easy: you can set it to create a backup as soon as your external drive is connected to your PC, and it’ll disconnect as soon as it’s finished, minimising the risk of infection. The program also lets you create recovery media, so you can restore your backups from the safety of a non-Windows environment.

All you need is an empty USB flash drive to install the recovery media and an external hard drive to save the backups. This should protect you from losing your data, but we also recommend you keep Windows up to date and use reliable internet security software to protect your PC from infection.

Here is the Step-by-Step Process To Protect Against Ransomware:-

Step1:- Download and install Veeam Agent for Windows, skipping
the step that offers to configure backups automatically.
When invited to leave the appropriate box ticked and click Finish.

Step 2:- In the wizard, select the USB flash drive on which you
want to save the recovery media, then click Next. A box
appears asking if you are happy to format the USB drive.
Click Yes. Click Create and Veeam will begin creating the
recovery media, displaying its progress on screen. Once it’s
done, click Finish

How To Protect Against Ransomware

Step 3:- Open the Start menu and click ‘Veeam Agent for
Windows’. Follow the instructions to install a free license
file, then select ‘Configure backup’. Leave the default
backup mode ‘Entire computer (recommended)’  selected,
click Next,  then select ‘Local storage’ and click Next again.

Step 4:- Select the drive to which you want the backup saved 1
and the folder – if you don’t want it to be saved to the top
directory. Now pick the number of days you want the
backups to cover before selecting Next.

Step 5:- On the Schedule page, untick the ‘Daily at’ 1 option and
instead tick ‘When a backup target is connected’. Below
this, tick the box to ‘’. The next option lets you choose the most
frequent intervals at which backups can be made.

Step 6:- Click Apply, tick the box to ‘Run the job when I click
Finish’, then click Finish. Your backup starts and the
progress is displayed on a screen. The program’s Status
page shows a summary of when the latest backups were

You also have an option by Time and “Eject removable Storage once backup completed.”

How To Protect Against Ransomware

Step7:- To restore a backup of a non-system drive or partition,
you can run Veeam’s Volume Restore from the Start
menu. However, if you suspect that your PC is under
attack from ransomware, you should not connect the external
hard drive while running Windows. Instead, power off your PC
and attach the USB flash drive containing the recovery media.

How To Protect Against Ransomware


Step 8:- Now, switch on your computer, pressing the appropriate
button to launch its boot options before Windows loads.
Select the option to boot from USB and a green Veeam
Recovery Media screen will load. Use the arrow keys to Select
Bare Metal Recovery and press Enter.

How To Protect Against Ransomware

Step 9:- Now connect the external hard drive that holds your
backups. The drive should appear in the recovery console.
Select it, if necessary, and click Next. Choose the Restore
Point, you would like to restore your PC from and click
Next again.

Step 10:- Finally, select ‘Entire computer’ and click Next.
The recovery console displays a summary of your
selections for you to check. Click Restore to allow the
files on your PC to be overwritten by the backup.

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Hope my article “How To Protect Against Ransomware” helps you to protect against Ransomware. if you have any query, feel free to comment.



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