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How To Receive Donations Online


There are many tools available on the Internet that allow users to donate to your cause without any hassle, which arises the question – which one should you specifically use?  Introducing Donorbox, the preferred choice for fundraising for individuals as well as nonprofit organizations. The web-based donation plugin, not only makes life easier for entities receiving the donations but also for the donors with its simple interface and secure payment system.

Donorbox helps all types of people whether they have a basic technical knowledge or advanced. The registration method is simple and takes around 15 minutes to complete, which is another one of its key features.

Donorbox utilizes Stripe and PayPal — both renowned and secure transaction gateways — as its payment processor. Due to this, the donors no longer have to worry about payment options as they can use credit cards, debit cards, ACH payments, Google Pay and Apple Pay.

Moreover, all donation record is recorded and displayed for easy reference. A CSV reference of every transaction can be viewed or downloaded at any given time. The refunds are also very easily managed and can be processed as soon as a donation is made. Talking about the annual receipts, they can be sent with ease to the recipient at any time as well.

Now, let’s talk about how to accept donation online via Donorbox.

This process involves a total of 5 steps which need to be followed precisely in order to enable the donors to send the donations properly.

Step 1:

The initial steps include finding the Donorbox plugin and installing it for the next step.

  • Open WordPress
  • Go to Dashboard
  • Open Plugins tab
  • Add New button
  • Search for Donorbox
  • Click Install

Step 2:

Next step involves registering yourself on Donorbox’s website and completing their entire process. The details you enter are extremely crucial so make sure you double check everything you enter.

  • Open a web browser and search for Donorbox.org
  • Register yourself on the platform
  • Complete the campaign form via form builder

 Step 3:

Here, you have to enable the donations and to do so, following the steps which are given below:

  • Head back to WordPress and access Donorbox interface
  • Attach and embed the campaign to enable donations
  • Copy link provided in secure donation page

 Step 4:

In step 4, all you have to do complete your campaign and then paste it in a textbox which can be found by following these steps:

  • Open Dashboard Settings
  • Click on Donorbox
  • Paste campaign link that you copied in Step 3 in textbox
  • Save the changes made and click OK

Step 5:

Lastly, create a post with your online campaign and publish it so that you can start the donation process.

  • Open WordPress text editor of donation page
  • Type the shortcode to embed the online campaign via WordPress Donorbox plugin
    • For instance, you will type [donate] or [donate URL = nonprofitcampaign]
  • Publish the post and you are all done to receive the donations

Often times, people are confused by instructions which is why Donorbox also took the liberty of creating an indepth video guide regarding the donation process.

The video is attached below for further clarification and better understanding of the tedious process.


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