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How to record and monitor keystrokes on an Android phone with a keylogger?


How to record and monitor keystrokes on an Android phone with a keylogger?

Keylogging, also known as, keystroke logging is the act of recording keystrokes as you type on the keyboard. The keystrokes are recovered in a discrete way. If you have done your own research about keyloggers, you must have found that they are used for stealing private and confidential information. You will find different types of keyloggers meant for recording different types of content. Those keyloggers that end up on your system through virus or spyware are dangerous. But a keylogger app for Android phones that are used for monitoring has a totally different purpose.

Benefits of a keylogger app for Android

  • If you are a parent and your job requires you to travel a lot, it is natural you won’t see your kids daily and you won’t be aware of their daily activities either. You won’t even know what they do on the internet and what they chat with their friends about. But with a keylogger app for Android, you will always be in touch with the activities of your kids on specific apps. Although you can prevent your child from accessing harmful content on the internet but it can help you record their activities so that you can prevent them later on.
  • Keyloggers are often used in offices for monitoring the activities of employees. This is done to ensure the company’s resources are used the right way. It is used for keeping employees productive and refraining them for using company-owned devices for personal activities.

How to record keystrokes on a phone?

To record keystrokes on a phone, you will need a keylogger app for Android. Xnspy is an app you can trust for this purpose. It lets you monitor the keystrokes on apps like Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Viber, WhatsApp and Skype from a remote location. You will have a web account from where you can monitor the keystrokes on the phone on these apps since the log files are stored in the control panel after being captured. Follow the steps below to record keystrokes on an Android phone using Xnspy:

Step 1: Install Xnspy on the target phone

The target phone is the phone you will be monitoring the keystrokes on. The first step is to install Xnspy on it. This keylogger app for Android takes 24 hours to transfer data from the phone to the web account. So, let the app do its work for 24 hours.

Step 2: Log into the web account

How to record and monitor keystrokes on an Android phone

Now, it is time to log into your web account. The username and login for your web account will be provided to you at the time of sign up. This will take you to the XNSPY ‘Dashboard’.

Step 3: Choose ‘Keylogger’ menu

How to record and monitor keystrokes on an Android phone

From the dashboard menu on your left, choose ‘Keylogger.’

Step 4: Start monitoring the keystrokes

This will show you all the keystrokes recorded by Xnspy. To narrow the results and monitor keystrokes from one particular app like Facebook Messenger, click on the ‘Search’ icon on the right top corner of the page and click on the downward facing arrow. Choose ‘Facebook Messenger’ from the drop-down list. Now, you will only see keystrokes from Facebook messenger along with the time and date stamps of the messages.

Other uses of a keylogger app for Android

There are many reasons why a keylogger app will be useful for you whether you are a parent or an employer. Here are some of them:

  • Your kid leaves the room whenever they get a call: This means they are up to something which they obviously don’t want you to know. With a keylogger app, you can watch over the activities of your kid and find out whatever they are trying to hide from you.
  • Protection from cyberbullying: Cyberbully is a lot common than you think. It can have a negative effect on the personality, mood and even grades of your child. If you can’t understand why they are often down, use the keylogger app to learn about their feelings. If they type a message and don’t send, that can be recorded by a keylogger too. Who knows they might be trying to tell how they feel but are hesitating.
  • Protect your child from drug or alcohol influence: You never know your kids are spending time with friends who smoke cigarettes, do drugs or even consume alcohol. As a parent, you need to watch over your kids and be sure they are not a part of such illegal activities. The keylogger will help you identify if they are involved in any of the above.
  • Prevent employees from leaking company information: A keylogger can also help you to prevent your employees from leaking company’s confidential information to competitors. The Keylogger app on the company-owned phone will help you track everything.

Instead of purchasing a separate app for a keylogger, you can invest in the best spying apps for Android that have a built-in keylogger.

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