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How to Recover From Google Panda Penalty?


It is one of the worst moments of the life of a blogger when he sees that half of its traffic has been cut off due to the latest Google algorithm update.

Unfortunately, there are lots of blogs in the world including a bundle of high-quality websites have seen a decrease in their traffic as well as in ranking as a result of four Google Panda rollouts that have occurred so far.

Fortunately, there is some data with the help of which we can suggest that Google Panda has penalized lots of websites. So this means that if your website or blog is not able to earn a required “panda score” then your website is penalized by Google Panda and you will see a major slap in your website rankings.

In fact, there were lots of websites which are penalized by Google Panda and they are not able to recover their original traffic levels as well as their page rankings and also they are not able to recover their original revenue streams.

Efforts at improving your website link profile, SEO, performance, website content and any other SEO related issues, may or may not result in recovery of original search traffic as well as original page rankings.

Common causes of Google Panda penalty

So here I am going to share with you some common causes due to which your website is penalized by Google. There are lots of causes due to which your website or blog is penalized by google but here I am going to list most popular among them.

Broken internal Links

Google hate poorly designed websites or blogs. Broken links of your websites lead to poor browsing experience which is not good in google point of view. Almost 70% of the websites have broken internal links. The address of the page it might change by the time when the available content is deleted without the removal of the links, and so on.

Affiliate content

Adding too much affiliate links to your website without offering some high quality and original content of value ensure that your website will be penalized.

So offer a review or opinion about any product in your words on your blog and also give your website using a valid reason due to which they need to come to your blog instead of directly going to the retailer.

Over-Optimized Content

Keyword stuffing is one of the most common mistake that a lot of beginners make. Gone are the days when you can rank your website easily by keyword stuffing because now keyword stuffing will lead you to an impending penalty and Poor SEO.

So For an example, you have published articles on your blog with high keyword density then now you need to rewrite this content.

Google and other major search engines understand that websites and blogs need to make money from ads, so you are allowed by Google and other search engines to sell sponsorship and advertising on your blog. However selling paid links on your website that pass PageRank is highly prohibited.

How to Recover From Google Panda Penalty?

So here in this article, I am going to share with you a step by step guide with the help of which you can recover your website from google panda penalty. So if your website is penalized by google panda then don’t worry because after reading this whole article you are able to recover your website from google panda.

Duplicate content

It is very important for you to avoid duplicating your content, if you want to protect your website from google panda penalty. Even if you have copied someone else content and you want to publish it on your blog then make sure no-index this post.

How to Recover From Google Panda Penalty
Little white people that STOP you from doing the wrong

In this way, you are telling Google that not to index this blog post. Now Google will not care whether your content is copied, duplicate, low quality or anything.

But on the other hand you will get yourself in trouble when you will do keywords stuffing in low-quality articles and also you try to rank these articles on Google, so for such a case, Google Panda is designed to penalize you.

So if you have hosed your blog on WordPress then you can use WordPress SEO plugins like WordPress SEO by Yeast to no-index any post.

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Slow Website Speed

Slow loading speed website is not only bad for your website visitor but as a webmaster, you also need much more time to perform maintenance tasks on your website.

Website loading speed also matters in rankings nowadays and also it is very painful for the visitors to use slow loading website, so in such as case, google panda can also de-rank your website.

So if your organic traffic is decreased then maybe you are penalized by Google due to slow loading website speed. So you need to take serious action to make your website faster.

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Security Issues

Google does not want its users to visit such website which not secure for most peoples or which may contain virus or malware. So in such a case google panda will take an action and it will either de-indexes your website or it will show a warning to every visitors.

So in this way definitely your website visitors are affected and it is very important for recovering your website visitors to fix the security issues of your website. So in this way, your original search results are increased when google will find your website secure.

UX-Related Issues

UX-related website issues include many above the fold ads, high pogo sticking rates as well as generally poor user experience. So if you want to recover your website from google panda penalty then you must need to improve the user experience of your website or blog for the purpose of tackling these issues.

If you are using WordPress then you can use a premium WordPress theme for improving user experience or if your website is custom build then hire a developer for creating a professional website.

Low-quality content is one of the main cause of high pogo sticking rates. So it is very important for you to improve the quality of your website content as the overall user experience of your website.

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Hope my article “How to Recover From Google Panda Penalty” helps your Website to  Recover From Google Panda Penalty. If you have any query, feel free to comment.


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