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How to Remove The Search Marquis Virus on Mac OS 

Are you a frequent Mac user? Have you ever heard about Search Marquis? No, it’s not the name of a new search engine. Instead of being beneficial, this harmful tool can actually obtain your personal data and is definitely dangerous for your privacy. It may infect your devices in various ways, but the most common ones are through downloads. 

Most people would say that Search Marquis is a website hijacker, and it’s true. This virus is almost unnoticeable since it’ll mask itself as a browser and will tend to send you to its malicious websites. So if you start noticing that your browser is acting weird, it might be the result of Search Marquis. 

Thankfully, there are some ways you can do to remove Search Marquis from your computer. 

What is Search Marquis Virus 

As mentioned above, Search Marquis is actually harmful malware. It may not be mentioned as one of the most widespread malware since its profound effect will happen sometime after the infection. At first, the malware will always try to send you to its questionable website. No matter what page you’re going to open. You’ll always be redirected to this site. 


Search Marquis will usually affect browsers, especially the popular ones like Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, which are the essential browsers for macOS. Yes, Search Marquis is usually found on macOS devices. 

At first, it’ll enter your browser silently and change the settings there. You might not notice its presence until the signs are pretty clear. 

How to Know Your Device If Infected 

You may notice several signs after your device is first infected. The fatal sign that you might feel directly is the slow performance of the browser. One day, you may feel that the browser feels really slow, as if it’s running some heavy work in the background. Everything becomes laggy, and even the scrolling is much slower than usual. 

Besides that, there will be an increase in advertisements. No matter what page you open, the ads are unnaturally placed everywhere. It almost makes the whole browsing experience not enjoyable.  

As mentioned before, Search Marquis will always try to send you to its website, searchmarquis.com. So if your browser redirects you to this site, you’ll know that Search Marquis has infected it. 

And also, the most annoying thing is that Search Marquis can redirect you to phishing websites that look almost the same as the official ones. Everything is almost the same, except the address. So before putting any of your credentials, make sure that you visit the correct website. 

If you do have the same problems and feel the signs above, it’s time to remove the virus for good. There are some ways to completely remove Search Marquis from your computer. If you want more info, read this guide on removing Search Marquis. But for now, let us learn about two methods to clean Search Marquis. 

Remove the Search Marquis Using An Antivirus 

Removing viruses is much easier to do if you have a dependable antivirus. Before using this software, make sure to pick an antivirus that supports macOS. Try to find the one with the best scanning and protection features, although the price may get higher. 

How to Remove The Search Marquis Virus on Mac OS 

To clean the virus, you need to do a full scan. Wait until the process is finally done; depending on your storage, the process may take a while. After the scanning process is completed, you can see what kind of viruses and malware that have been put into the quarantine tab.  

Allow some tools or software you actually use (as the antivirus will scan almost all the .exe files), and delete the unknown ones. If the antivirus offers additional protection, enable it. 

Remove the Search Marquis virus from Safari. 

After cleaning the virus using an antivirus, it’s time to clean it from the browser. Since most macOS users use the Safari browser, we’ll share the method to clean Search Marquis on Safari. This method is necessary to delete the remaining files. 

First, let’s open the extensions. See any questionable extensions or the ones you rarely use, and remove them all. Click the Uninstall button to remove each one of them. After that, clear browsing history, cache, and cookies.  

To do so, open the Preferences tab on Safari and access Privacy. Continue by clicking Website Data, and choose the option to remove them all.  

How to Protect Yourself from the Malware 

Now that the virus has been completely wiped out, we want to share some tips to ensure that your browser can be protected from this annoying and dangerous Search Marquis. Indeed, you don’t want the same thing to infect your device again. So, what you need is to do these best practices to make sure you’ll always have the best cybersecurity protection: 

  • Start using an antivirus. Antivirus is good. It works lightly and doesn’t make your device run slower. However, we highly recommend installing premium antiviruses with much better protection and customer service than the free ones. 
  • Make sure everything is updated. Making sure that your browser is updated is necessary. Besides making the browser lighter, doing so will also give the browser better security for fighting new viruses and malware. 
  • Never visit malicious websites. Usually, these are easy to indicate. If you have ever seen a website that doesn’t have any content or has a really questionable design, stay away at once. 
  • Don’t click attachments on emails easily. Always double-check each file every time. The common hacking method used today is through the link attachment. Once clicked, the tool will work automatically to steal your personal credentials.