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How to Start an SEO Campaign


How to Start an SEO Campaign

You probably just started a website or have a great idea simmering somewhere ready for you to take it to the next level and so you’re considering starting an SEO campaign. Starting an SEO campaign has over the years changed a great deal. To be successful today, you need to start with understanding and ascertaining certain factors to ensure the success of your SEO campaign.

Analyze Your Website

To start with you need to know some key information about the website. If you own this website, then this information is already known to you. But if you don’t, it is worth finding out as a first step.

What platform does the website use? This is an important question to answer because if it is based on an outdated platform, then you need to update it. HubSpot, for instance, is a fast and secure platform which also happens to be easy to optimize. The same goes for WordPress and Joomla.

You also need to be sure if the current design is something you’re OK with. If the design looks good, is user-friendly, and describes your website well then stick with it. However, change the design if it loads sluggishly, uses Flash or some other outdated design element.

Once the above two issues have been addressed, you can move on to SEO.

Keyword Research

In the old days, we’d optimize websites around specific keywords but today its better to optimize around topics. Though keyword research is still far from dead and you need to know what keywords best describe the topic.

Once you know what topic your website focuses on, i.e. car rentals, real estate rental, video game sales, etc. You can then use that information to find relevant keywords. You can use websites like SEMRush, and Ahrefs, etc.

In most cases, you enter your topic, and you’ll be provided with a list of related niche keywords. You can then choose the keywords that best describe your business and ones with good search volume. Finalizing around10-12 relevant keywords will give you a good start.

Build a Content Strategy

Content matters and search engines love websites with high-quality content. So, it pays to have a content strategy in place. Bad or low content density can cost you previous rankings. However, creating content for SEO is different from just writing an eBook or a letter.

Once you have decided on the keywords, the next step to perform long-tail keyword research in a similar manner. Then use these long-tail keywords to formulate a long-form article title.

The content you draft is going to be long-form meaning around 1500 words at least. These pages can be guides, or highly detailed product reviews, etc. Long-form content helps to build authority and keeps readers engaged both of which is great for SEO and even conversions.

The long-form content can then be supported with cluster topics usually in the form of smaller blog posts using the same long-tail keywords. These smaller blog posts will have links back to the content. What this does is tell Google that this content is relevant to the topic.

Track Your Keywords

The only way you will know if all that effort you’re putting into SEO is successful is if you can track it. One way to do this is to track your keyword rankings by using bulk rank tracker tools. What this tool does is help you to track how far your keywords have progressed in SERPs or Search Engine Result Positions. So, the higher you go, the more you’re improving. If you stop midway, for instance, it means that something has gone wrong. The same goes for if your rankings start dropping.

The other thing you should monitor is incoming traffic. Make sure that you know the sources of the majority of your traffic, something that is made simple with Google’s Webmaster tools or by installing a tracker on your website.

Moving Forward

Once you have established the basis of your websites SEO campaign, the next step is to work on growing it. Now this will require better and more detailed on-page and off-page optimization like link building backlinks from various high quality and authoritative niche sources.



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