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How to Stop Desktop Spyware


How to Stop Desktop Spyware

Granted, it is not easy for Microsoft to protect the Windows system. Numerous programs from third-party entities are running on every PC, thus even antivirus solutions have reached their limits. There is no golden path to detect spyware on Windows computers. Many times, you need the help of a lot of programs – and patience.

Detect and remove snooping tools

Most of the antivirus suites can find standard spyware tools. But make sure that the suites are up-to-date and have the latest signatures. If the suite finds nothing, then proceed to the next step.

You can use specialized tools to identify and remove spyware, for example, the malware scanner by Malwarebytes or SpyBot – Search & Destroy. However, deleting malware may be difficult sometimes. If one of the solutions does not work, then try using a deletion tool, tailor-made for the malware. The developers of the antivirus suites, often provide such programs directly on their websites. But even Whitehat hackers like Claudio Guarnieri offer help with tools such as Flexikiller, which removes the spyware FlexiSpy (see screenshot below).

Block hardware spies in the PC

The best way to protect against attacks on hardware is by using antivirus software. Not only do antivirus programs offer help against spyware, they also prevent keyloggers and screen-grabbers that record key inputs and screen contents.

One of these is the webcam protection in the Bitdefender suite. It blocks the camera and automatically enables it for known, serious programs.

As an alternative to the Bitdefender suite, you can use the tool Webcam On-Off. The program deactivates the camera directly in the Device Manager. Due to its mechanical shutter, the camera cannot be hacked, which is better than software protection.

Similar flaps are already installed in the latest Lenovo notebooks, but other devices can also use a retrofit kit for adhesion like the one from Soomz.io. As for protection against audio eavesdropping, the best option is to stick an adhesive tape over the microphone hole.

Stop Desktop Spyware

It is particularly easy for cyber gangsters to install sniffer software on the home PC. This is because, by default, Windows is an open system that permits changes to be made deep in the system.

  • Windows updates Install new, critical system fixes from Microsoft as soon as possible on the PC.
  • Cover camera and microphone. Use an adhesive tape and a webcam shutter to cover the camera and microphone.
  • Scanning tools Apart from a latest virus scanner, you can use specialized anti-spyware tools to find unwanted software on your PC.
  • Check installation sources Before you install programs on your PC, you should check the origin of the same in detail, particularly if these files are downloaded from the Internet.
  • Check data flow To find out whether a tool is safe, you can check the data flow of the program with tools like Wireshark (www.wireshark.org).


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