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How to Stop your Android apps installing junk


Most app developers use a range of plugins and add-ons for various purposes, from tracking how the app is used to serving adverts to its users. When you install an app on your Android device, you’ll also be getting these extras. Addon Detector keeps an eye
on these add-ons so you can see exactly what’s being used and what permissions are
requested, both in new and updated apps.

Stop your Android apps installing junk

Step 1. Install the app from the Play Store and launch it. Start by scanning all your existing apps by tapping the Scan button. 1 The software will scan everything on your device, looking for add-ons. The bar at the bottom of the screen charts the scan’s progress.2

Stop your Android apps installing junk

Step 2. You’ll be asked whether you want to automatically upload scan data. This shares anonymous information about your apps with Add-ons Detector but enables the Livescan Monitor for free. Click OK 1 if you agree. You’ll still need to switch on the Livescan Monitor (see Step 6).

Step 3. Scanning opens up all the other options on the main interface. Tap Add-ons to see a full list of all the apps on your device, 1 with all the add-ons associated with each one. 2 Tap an app for more detail, including app permissions.

Step 4. Permission Explorer 1 is a handy list that shows you how often each permission type is used by your apps, 2 so you can see which ones are common and which are more unusual. Tap a permission to see a full list of the apps that use it. Install Date shows when apps were installed.

Step 5. To set the software to detect the creation of shortcuts and notifications, tap Shortcut Monitor and Notification Monitor respectively, and switch them on. 1 The latter needs an accessibility tool in the settings toggled on, but you’re taken to the correct page to perform this action.

Step 6. To switch on Livescan Monitor (it’s disabled by default), tap it, then tap Settings, Enable Live Scanner. 1 It will automatically scan for all the items listed below 2 and notify you. You can untick any you’re not worried about if they appear in updates or new apps.


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