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How to Track Your Inbound Calls?


How to Track Your Inbound Calls?

An inbound call is an important asset for any business and if managed properly, this can be a wonder for your business. Why? Because it could lead to a new customer! If your inbound call volume is large and targeted, then most of your marketing effort can be managed. This will also give you good leads which are highly targeted.

There are many reasons due to which you should track the inbound calls and some of those are as below-

  • Improve the customer experience
  • Increase and make the SLA better
  • Decrease the customer response time
  • Reduce the cost incurred
  • Make your product better with additional features
  • Get the insight which will help you take a better business decision

Now as you know the benefits of why you need tracking of inbound calls, let’s see how to track such calls. For this, you need to use call tracking platform which will automate the whole process.

Here is one of the most useful tracking website that shows accurate https://speedposttrackinginfo.in . To track the parcel is very easy as you need to enter only tracking number.

Although there is much software in the market which helps you track all the inbound calls but Ringba is leading the market due to its feature, price, and support. In this post, we are going to talk about how to track inbound calls using Ringba.

How to track inbound calls using Ringba?

To get started with Ringba platform, you need to first sign up for the platform. Once signed up which you can do for trial, you need to verify your account and sign in.

Now, with Ringba you will be able to manage all the inbound calls and track it for better insights. Here are the four simple steps using which you can track all the calls.

Setting up your campaign

Once you are logged in the Ringba dashboard, you will be able to create your first campaign. Here you need to fill the basic details like demographic details, campaign details etc.

Also, make sure you are having a unique name for your campaign which will help you identify it later and also will help you with reporting.

Get tracking number

Although you can get any number for your campaign but having a toll-free number of benefits. Because with a toll-free number, your customer doesn’t have to pay anything. Instead, you will be paying for the number of minutes of calls received at your center.

Once you got the tracking number, you need to incorporate into your created campaign. Also, you need to decide where the call will move after receiving at your IVR.

Add Target

Here target means the destination number. For example, you will display the toll-free number on the advertisements, but the call will be transferred to some other numbers. And the same here you need to add. Usually, if your organization is getting some decent number of calls, you may need to have the dedicated number for each target.

Launch the campaign

Once everything is set up, you can make the campaign live. Once your campaign is live, you will be able to track all the calls received.

By this way, you can track all the inbound calls and get the most out of it. For example, you can have the reporting and analytics done on that. With those insights, you can take some good and progressive business decisions.


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