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How To Transfer Pictures From iPhone to Computer


The drawback of owning an iPhone is that it doesn’t allow users to transfer photos to another device. Many times people either ignore buying this phone or feel stuck!

However, both your worries come to an end using some incredible methods to move the photos on your computer.

Why do You Need to Export iPhone Photos to PC? 🤔

One of the biggest advantages of exporting photos from iPhone to PC is to keep your mobile clutter-free. Your phone will never be full of space.

Hence, there will always be enough storage on your phone to capture more beautiful pictures. Additionally, you can utilize that space to store other essential tasks or docs.

Your mobile will rarely hang when there is enough disk space. Lastly, you will have no fear of accidentally losing your memorable photos when exported and saved on the computer.

Methods To Transfer Pictures From iPhone to Computer

1. Use Windows Photo

  • Connect the iPhone with your computer using the USB cable.
  • Go to the DCIM folder of your iPhone device and select the pictures you want to export.
  • Tap on the Import button from the toolbar on the right side.
  • It will move the selected photos in the Pictures folder.

2. Use File Explorer

  • After the iPhone with the USB cable to your computer, you will find it in the PC folder as a new device.
  • From there, open the DCIM folder, which contains all your iPhone and iCloud photos.
  • Now export the desired photo or whole folder to your PC by either using the copy-and-paste command or drag-and-drop option.
  • You can also transfer all the photos at once by clicking on the Move option. It is the right way if you want to delete all the pictures from your mobile.

3. Use AnyTrans Software: Best Method

AnyTrans (Download Here) is the most reliable, secure, and efficient photo transferring software in the market. Developed by imobie, it is your go-to option to move photos from your iPhone to the computer system conveniently.

Even it is one of the best alternatives to iTunes as it is packed with some excellent features that are not accessible on iTunes too.

AnyTrans is compatible with all the Apple products to manage all your phone content from a single place. It boasts a sleek and easy to use UI to complete the photos moving process quickly. AnyTrans is multi-functional software that offers minimalist and effective control on all your iOS files and data.

How to Use AnyTrans?

To move Camera Roll photos to computer from iOS devices with this software, follow this step by step guide:

Step1:- After downloading and installing AnyTrans, connect an iPhone to your computer system or laptop.

Launch AnyTrans software on your system. It will automatically detect your iPhone device on the computer. 

Note:- It will ask you to trust this device.

On connecting with iOS device, Choose the “Content to PC” button with a three-dotted icon on it from the categories section found in the right-hand side panel of the AnyTrans screen.

How To Transfer Pictures From iPhone to Computer

Step2:- After this, you will notice it opened a new section at the left panel. From there, you have to click on the Camera Roll icon that is the first option under the “Photos” category.

How To Transfer Pictures From iPhone to Computer

When the loading process completes, beside the Camera Roll icon, you will see the total number of photos available in that folder. 

You can all see all the pictures with their complete details in the right section. Also, you can change the preview mode by clicking on the hamburger icon for better management.

Now checkmark all the photos that you want to export from mobile to computer and click on the transfer icon given on the above bar. Check the icon in the image below:

The software also allows deleting unwanted photos from the iOS device directly through the AnyTrans interface by clicking on the Trash icon. 

Step3:- “Transfer Completed Page” will pop up on the AnyTrans interface as soon as the transferring process finishes. You can click on the “View Files” option under it to locate transferred photos on your computer. If you forget to export any pictures, you can click on the “Transfer More” button.

Note:- You can press the refresh icon if AnyTrans fails to load your photos properly. Check in the below image.

How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Windows/Mac [2 Ways]

Some Other Tips:-

  1. In case the computer fails to detect your iOS devices, make sure you are using the latest version of the software, or check the USB cable is connected properly. You may also need to reinstall iTunes.
  2. People who are using iOS 8.3 or later version, can’t remove the photos from Camera Roll directly as Apple doesn’t permit it due to the security issue.
  3. The Camera Roll photos will remove on switching the iCloud account on your phone.

Additional Features of AnyTrans

  • The recent version of this software also lets you move music and other content.
  • You can also transfer other data from an Android device to the iPhone using this software, such as contacts, messages, videos, call logs, etc.
  • This software allows you to export music freely between iPad, iPod, iTunes, iPhone, and PC.
  • With just one click, you can rebuild your iTunes library as well through AnyTransfer.
  • AnyTrans enables you to download online videos and audios directly to your iPhone, iPad, and PC from 900+ platforms, including YouTube, Dailymotion, Vine, and others. Thus, enjoy watching your favorite videos offline at your convenience.
  • You can back up all the data with just a single tap by using its “One-click Backup” option.
  • Schedule your iPhone and iPad backup.
  • Its Social Messages Manager enables a user to backup, export, and restore social media data from all leading platforms such as WhatsApp, Viber, and LINE.
  • The Ringtone Maker option is an interesting way to create and customize your own ringtone.
  • You can easily transfer all the data from your old iPhone to a new one in an exact format by connecting both the phones with the PC. AnyTrans will clone the device.
  • imobie also brings for you a free photo convertor to change photos from HEIC to JPEG or any other format of your choice.
  • AnyTrans software is also available for Android devices.