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How to unplug from technology – do we need our smartphones?

A mountain of emails every day, social media applications beeping every five minutes – our phones can feel a lot like a source of stress. And they were supposed to make our lives easier, right? In fact, they did, but they also caused new problems. Because of the informational noise, we are more tired and stressed than ever. Is it even possible to unplug from technology in this modern world?

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Technology is everywhere around us – can we unplug?

Unplugging does not have to mean “turning your smartphone off for good”. As a matter of fact, it is more about reducing the time spent using electronic media. Even this little step may prove challenging for many of us, though. If you find yourself compulsively checking your phone, you should definitely analyze how you use your mobile device and ask yourself a fundamental question: are most of these actions necessary or am I simply wasting my time?

Disconnecting from technology is a good thing. You do not have to abstain from using all modern applications that make your life easier (like banking applications or a local transport provider app you used to buy a  ticket or check the bus schedule), but it would be great to set some limits on unnecessary screen time. Unplugging does not have to make your life any harder.

Identify your fears

Most of us do not even try to reduce time spent on our smartphones, because we are afraid to become outsiders with no knowledge of recent events in the society. Others can feel that being offline means that they are losing control. If you want to improve your mental health and mood, you need to start with identifying your fears connected to the unplugging process and its effects.

Ask yourself the question: “what am I afraid to miss out, when I unplug?”. Soon, you will realize that putting your smartphone away after work will not make you lose anything. On the contrary, you will have more time and awareness to engage in activities that will allow you to develop your skills and simply enjoy your free time.

Unplugging from technology starts with the smartphone

We use computers, watch television, read on tablets, scroll on smartphones – there are plenty of devices that steal our time all day long. Most time, however, is wasted using your phone. All applications are there ready to use – smartphones help us work, study, manage finances, make appointments, buy stuff and entertain ourselves. Therefore, this is exactly the device you should start with when embarking on the unplugging journey.

As smartphones have multiple necessary functionalities, you may need to replace those important for you with useful minimalist gadgets. Some high quality products you may find on https://mudita.com/. For example, you are going to a meeting with friends or family, and you do not want notifications to distract you, but you want to stay in touch in case something important happens. A minimalist phone would be a perfect choice here.

Develop a strategy

It can be very difficult to give up electronic devices in one day. If you feel like you may be addicted to some of them, you may not handle the temptation or stress from being “out of control”, then you need to make a plan. Start with the easiest things.

Do not let your phone or other devices disturb you at night

There were some studies on how blue light affects us. Reducing blue light exposure is highly recommended in order to improve sleep quality. Many of us rarely turn off the computer or the phone. But consider this: what use are they for you when you sleep? Turn off your computer and leave it in a different room than your bedroom. Do just the same with your phone, or at least turn on silent mode. Put the device in a different room. You can use a simple alarm clock to wake you up in the morning.

Find something interesting to do in your free time

Boredom is one of the most common reasons for scrolling through social media, checking your mailbox or calendar, playing games on your phone or surfing the Internet. Try to find other things to do in your free time. This may be reading a book, doing some sport or just relaxing – listening to your favorite music or taking a walk. It will significantly improve your mood.

Give yourself time to get used to the new situation. You will realize that you do not need your smartphone 24/7 in no time. Do not let electronic devices control you!