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How to Use A VPN and Why Use It?

You can use a VPN without being a tech professional. There are many benefits to using a VPN, including the ability to use public Wi-Fi securely, encrypt your internet surfing traffic, protect your IP address, access geo-restricted content, etc. 

Steps to use a VPN

Download a VPN app  

Once you’ve finished your research and chosen your VPN service, you can choose your subscription plan, download the app, and install a VPN.  

Set up the VPN 

Leading VPN services like iTop VPN provides simple VPN apps that don’t require a lot of technical expertise to use. You only need to set up a VPN and provide your login information.  

Additionally, you may use the VPN settings to enable or disable extra features like the Kill Switch, switch protocols, etc. 

Connect to a VPN server 

By selecting “Connect,” the iTop VPN app will locate the ideal server for you. Additionally, you can select a server from a list of servers by scrolling down, including specialized servers for P2P, gaming, and streaming. 

Use a VPN on many platforms 

The iTop VPN app is available for Windows, macOS, iPhone, and Android. Here’s how to download iTop VPN, set it up, and use it on each of these platforms. 

How to Use A VPN and Why Use It?

Use a VPN on Windows 

Download a VPN installer and install it on your Windows PC. Log in to your VPN account and click Connect, you will be connected to the fastest server available. From the list of countries in the left menu, you can also choose a server in different locations of different loads. 

The status will soon change to Connected along with the server’s location and IP address to make sure you can start to have private net surfing.  

Use a VPN on macOS 

Search for iTop VPN in the App Store, install it and create an account. In the middle of the app’s UI is where you’ll find the Connect button. 

Use a VPN on Android 

From the iTop Android page on its official website, you can get the .apk file and install in on your Android devices. To choose a server from the list of countries, either click Connect in the app or scroll down.  

Use a VPN on iOS 

If you have an iPhone or iPad, Go to the App Store to download the iTop VPN iOS app. Once connected, a Connected icon with the virtual IP address and location data will be shown. 

Why you should use a VPN? 

The use of a VPN is actually recommended due to ISP monitoring, risky public WiFi, and the ongoing danger of computer attacks. iTop VPN, an all-in-one security and privacy app, could be able to save you money, keep you safe online while traveling, and even guard against viruses and risky websites. 

Use public WiFi safely 

There are many WiFis in public spaces and some of it is dangerous. Anyone can hijack your device and set up a phony public Wi-Fi. 

How to Use A VPN and Why Use It?

Protect your identity 

Our IP addresses are used by the internet to identify each of us and connect us to information. However, your IP address can also be used to identify you, even down to the neighborhood or city where you reside. Your IP address is instantly hidden by iTop VPN, giving you extraordinary online anonymity. In fact, this list of things a hacker could do with your IP address is worth reading, in our opinion.  

Find best prices for online shopping 

Depending on where you are when purchasing online, prices can occasionally vary. To find the best discounts, switch between servers using a virtual private network. Along with helping you save money, it may also help keep your data safe while you purchase. 

VPN features 

You’ll wonder why you never used a VPN before after discovering iTop VPN’s outstanding security and privacy features. Here are some of the greatest ways we can keep you safe online, ranging from our unique servers and locations to iTop VPN’s unique Threat Protection feature.  

VPN server locations 

iTop VPN provides more than 1800 VPN servers in 100 different countries, and depending on your demands, you can choose a VPN server in a specific region or connect to the quickest one and change your IP address in a snap, from the USA to Germany and Japan. 

Kill Switch 

Kill Switch disconnects you from the internet in the event that your VPN connection is compromised. This ensures that none of your device’s traffic will be sent without encryption. Additionally, you may choose which applications you want to close when your VPN disconnects. 

Additional protection 

For Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera, and Safari, iTop VPN can immediately delete cookies, download history, browsing history, and passwords. You will also be protected by having browser ads blocked with iTop VPN‘s block ads feature.