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How to Use CRM for Startup


Each ever launched successful startup started as a simple small business. But this does not make each business similar, as a business strategy of different companies varies strongly. There are several aspects that make small business different from big-sized and medium-sized business. Client management and vulnerabilities before any changes in the market make small business quite sensitive and therefore much tricky. For small independent companies, their clients are the only source of profit, and all the work, changes and modernization in such companies are centered around the idea of bringing the biggest possible satisfaction to the client.

In order to create a warm atmosphere between the company and its clients, many leaders-beginners prefer to use CRM systems from the very foundation of a promising startup. Having set the purpose to stick to the maximum budget economy, especially in a crisis period, the small business might feel the serious need in implementing an appropriate CRM system in order to improve the costs and expenses management, while producing only the qualitative product, promoting it at the global market and retaining new employees always ready to leave an interesting project for the better salary. But when the launched startup does not have enough money to purchase the expensive CRM software, the Nethunt CRM provides a priceless solution.

How Can NetHunt CRM Help?

One of the most important tasks the NetHunt CRM solves easily is the automatization of various processes which were always perceived as quite the routine ones. Nevertheless, without this routine the company’s advancement at the global market becomes impossible. Time-consuming small tasks in CRM system are processed automatically, and when processed or finished – reminders come in handy and help managers tracking their completion. Moreover, many of these tenacious tasks can be combined and executed in parallel or at least rapidly when the right sequence of actions is achieved automatically in CRM.

NetHunt helps its owners to model business processes, create an algorithm of actions, enter and run such algorithms. The whole sequence of actions is monitored automatically, however, CRM system sends timely notifications, automatically changes stages for processes and records the history of the progress of macro task execution.

 Every startup, first of all, is oriented to satisfy already available customers as their positive feedback is the best advertising of the company’s skills and safety. For young projects extremely important to collect client database rapidly in order to spread information and remind about the company’s existence widely.  

NetHunt is a convenient software capable to divide everything that happens in the company on simple workflow tasks. Separation of tasks is a clear sign of healthy business processes. They must be divisible into subprocesses. Moreover, if the company organization looks more like a hive full of managers creating the Brownian motion mess, then no automation would change the state of things for better. If the company’s processes are not streamlined – automation will be meaningless. Thus, let CRM systems help you on the way of young companies, projects, and startups formation. Use only high-quality software.


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