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How to use Guest mode on Android phone


Handing over your Android phone to someone puts you off from letting others go through your personal stuff. Nobody would like some other third party to swipe through your photos or check your private message and contacts; this fear of intervention itself will put someone off from intruding into your private data.

However, there are times when you can’t refuse your friends and family from borrowing your phone and it is at these times, you can change the settings to enable guest mode on your android phone in order to protect the integrity of your data.

Enabling guest mode on your phone will create a new profile for guests who don’t have access to your private data. This creates a gap between the user profile and guest profile thus protecting all your private data like contacts, messages, apps, and others. If you are using Android 5.0 Lollipop or newer versions, you can enable the guest mode on your phone. This guest mode is sometimes called as privacy mode or Kids Mode depending on your Android device.

Accessing the Guest mode varies depending on which Android device you use. If you don’t have Android 5.0 lollipop on your device, one can make use of a preloaded app that enables guest mode on your device. In this article, we discuss how to enable and use the Guest mode on various devices.

Use Guest mode on Android phone

If you are using Nexus or Pixel devices, the below steps will help you to enable the Guest mode on your smartphone.

Navigate to Settings and go to Users and accounts.

Tap on Users and select the option Guest.

How to use Guest mode on Android phone

If your smartphone doesn’t have options like users and accounts, you can enable the guest mode at the system level settings.

Navigate to Settings.

Go to Privacy and Choose the Guest Mode.

In some devices, users can access Guest mode by swiping the notifications and tapping on your avatar. Following steps will explain how to enable the guest mode in these devices

Swipe down the notification bar.

Tap on your Profile image at the top right corner

Select the option Add guest to switch your device to guest mode.

Add Guest Mode Feature In Any Android Using Guest Mode App

App Locker with Guest Mode comes with a Two levels of access – Chose a master password (for your personal use) and a guest password (to use when someone borrows your phone).

When someone borrows the phone, simply unlock the phone using the guest password. The screen will open but the locked apps will continue to remain locked. Thus, your privacy will always be protected.

Smart Home Screen & Application Locker (With Guest Mode access)


Once the guest mode usage is done, one can revert back to owners account while the data saved in guest mode will be automatically deleted. Additionally, the device owner can easily remove the guest or just leave the guest account for later use so that, the user can use your device without accessing your private apps, pictures, and other personal data.

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