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How to use TikTok to Grow Your Business  

Social networks have become a useful tool for many small businesses that want to build a brand and attract new customers. Facebook and Instagram are two of the most popular social media, mainly because both are very well-established, free, and easy to use. This makes them ideal for any small business looking to reach more customers and spread the word.   

Like Instagram and Facebook, can TikTok really help you promote your business? This article will explore the ways in which the young medium can help grow a business.  

Getting started on TikTok

How to use TikTok to Grow Your Business  

To get started on TikTok, you just download the free app from your app store and register using Facebook, Twitter, or email. You’re then given a random unique username, which you can change if you want. When picking a user name for your business, it should be as close to your business name as possible, so it’s easy for potential customers to find your account. 

You can use the “me” button at the bottom to customize and edit your profile. You can also change your profile picture, tell your followers about your company, and create a bio here. 

Once you’re done with this, you can begin exploring content. TikTok collects personalized content for you automatically. You can search for people and follow them too. 

To create your first video on the platform, press the ‘+’ button at the bottom of your screen and begin recording. You don’t have to be an expert video producer to create appealing content. Monitoring what other businesses are posting can provide invaluable insight into their creative processes. This can inspire you and help generate ideas that are relevant to you and your own customers.  

Of course, your research should be relevant. In other words, follow businesses that are in your niche. If you are selling clothes, there’s no point in admiring videos about cafés and restaurants, no matter how impressive they are.  

Take some time to browse, check if you can find similar businesses, and see how they are using TikTok to gain recognition. 

Follow the trends

Take note of current trends and see if you can integrate them into your own marketing strategy. If you own a flower shop, you could create an informative video about the best flowers in spring or what you should be planting now for fall and winter. If forecasts are for warm weather and you’re a local butcher, you could make a video about preparing delicious BBQ food and enjoying it outdoors. It’s key to be up-to-date and mindful of what’s trending.  

Find people 

As with any social medium, more followers on TikTok means improved reach and more shares and likes. It’s not hard to find people on TikTok. Go to Me in the menu and click on the add person symbol in the corner. Then, go to Find Contacts and press Follow.  

Communicate with influencers  

Many businesses have been able to harness the impact of influencers to promote their products and services. If you join forces with the right ones, they can really help your business by making their thousands of followers aware of it. Look for influencers who fit with your values and are relevant to your brand.  

Create unique content  

On TikTok, people tend to share snippets of their lives, which means they usually record videos on their smartphones. You don’t need perfect lighting, fancy equipment, or a professional script. The best TikTok videos are unique, real, and lighthearted. People on TikTok want to be entertained. Showcase your brand’s personality by experimenting with what you share and giving your followers exciting behind-the-scenes videos. You can also add trending songs to them. 

Post content regularly

Posting regularly and being present are key to successful social media marketing. Your existing and potential customers have to know you are there. Set up a schedule and adhere to it. When navigating the business world online, consistency is key. 

Devise a schedule and really take note of the days and times you post. You could also create a spreadsheet to maintain a record of what you posted and when and how many shares or likes it got. This will help you figure out the best time to publish content and when your target group is most likely to see it.  

Consider paid posts  

Most businesses find they need to pay to increase their engagement and reach. You can pay to boost ads or posts on TikTok, just like on Instagram and Facebook. It can help you access a wider audience. Some businesses pay for ads alongside their regular posting schedule.