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How to Use Whois Command In Linux


How to check domain detail? How to know the owner of the domain (website)? how to know domain admin detail?

Such type of questions arise in your mind then this post is useful for you.

Today I am going to share with about whois command

Today I am going to discuss about how to use whois command in Linux. It is a very useful command for Penetration tester / Ethical hacker. They can identify information leakage on public and would be protected.

How to use whois command in Linux

whois command in Linux-based operating systems is a utility tool to list and find the detailed domain information. This command not only identifies the domain information but also helpful in finding Unknown and distant hosts, and Net-admins if whois is used properly.

There are lots of attributes in domain names, such as:

  • Registrant
  • Admin
  • Tech
  • Name Server
  • Geographical Location
  • IP history

To install whois command in Ubuntu, Debian, Mint & Kali type the following command without quotes:

sudo apt install whois

To install whois command in Fedora, CentOS, RHEL type the following command without quotes:

sudo yum install whois

Newer versions of Kali Linux comes pre-loaded with whois client.

whois database provides us personal details. To use this command in Kali Linux the syntax is:

whois <ip address/name of the website>

We have used domain name ” google.com ” in this example.

Whois Command In Linux

Another domain with IP address ” “:

Whois Command In Linux

The behavior of whois command is different for the site name and IP address.

When we use this command with IP Address, we get information about addresses, Net-Type, Net-Handle, Organizational details and much more.

And if we use this command with site-name, Registrar details and Registrar URL. This information is certainly less in size.

If you want more details about whois command then type whois –help in Linux terminal.

Online source to check whois detail:

Not only whois command provide domain name detail, there are another online resource available to check whois detail.


When you go penetration testing of an organization you will check for privacy leak. The Private information of domain owner is available on internet for every one is not good. So the main task of security tester make it private.

For example: if you check the whois detail of tenchincalustad.com website, you will get blank information. because we have protected our privacy.

Technical ustaad online whois

Checked detail on whois.net

As you can see here some

Have a nice day!


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