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How to Use Your Mobile Phone Safely in The Car


A lot of people use their mobile phones while driving which is not advisable. The risk of using a phone is not only associated with the driver but also with others on the road. Using your phone while driving is very distracting which can result in severe consequences. Many accidents occur on a daily basis due to mobile phone usage while driving.

However, there are certain techniques to use the phone safely while driving. In this blog, we will discuss ways that will make using the phone safe in the car.

Turn Silent Mode On:-

It is a fact that everyone gets tempted to pick up a ringing phone, but it can be hazardous while driving. If you cannot kill this urge to check your phone every time it makes a sound, put it to silent. It will do wonders for your concentration while driving as it will prevent the distraction caused by your phone.

Develop a habit of dropping calls will also make people understand the reason of you not picking up the phone. This way, lesser people will bother you while driving.

Source: PCworld

Use A Phone Holder:-

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As we all know that concentration is the key to driving. Different types of distractions cause road accidents and phone usage is on top. A mobile stand for car has emerged as a blessing for everyone who uses the phone behind the wheels. It saves you from all the inconvenience of finding your phone or taking it out of your pocket while driving.

Knowing the location of your phone solves half of the problems while driving. You can place your phone on the mount and use it easily without looking down. Using mount will help you use your phone without hindering your vision resulting in a safe ride.

Source: ABC

Use Wireless Earphones:-

Driving with earphones on can get you a ticket in some areas. But it is a safer option for taking calls while driving. Using wireless earphones will save you from multitasking. You wouldn’t have to hold the phone against your ear to talk which can be dangerous while driving. The wireless earphones can be very convenient in usage as they are cordless. You can turn the Bluetooth on and connect your phone with them.

There is a huge variety of wireless earphones available in the market. You can choose the one that suits you the most for better convenience. It is also important to make sure that wearing earphone while driving is allowed in your area.

Source: Spanishsolutions

Don’t Write or Read While Driving:-

Out of all the activities that a person does on the phone, reading and writing are the most distracting ones. It is a horrendous idea to do them while driving as it can have life-threatening repercussions. Texting and reading impair driving ability as you have a divided attention span for multiple activities. If something appears in front of your car suddenly, your reflexes are not sharp enough to make quick decisions.

Another important reason for not indulging in reading or writing while driving is that it can be very involving. For example, reading an interesting blog or engaging in a heated argument will throw you off resulting in compromised focus.

Source: Ajlvins

Keep Brightness of The Phone Normal:-

Squeezing your distraction down to the minimum level is the key to effectively using the phone while driving. Mostly, a road accident is not caused by the activity on the phone but a disturbance associated with it. Imagine if you are reading a text on the phone with low brightness while driving. Your concentration level will be hitting rock bottom in such a scenario, and any miscalculation can result in an accident.

Therefore, it is essential to keep the brightness of your phone at a balanced level. Turning brightness too low will make your eyes squint while the glare of high brightness is also distracting.

Source: PCworld

Get Help of a Passenger:-

If you are lucky enough to have a company on board, you can always ask for their help while driving. You don’t have to answer all your calls yourself rather let a passenger take it for you. You can ask them to message someone on your behalf as well.

 Source: Vanhorndodgeblog

Choose Right Timing for Phone Usage:-

There are times when it is necessary to pick up a call or text someone while driving. With the amount of risk involved, it is better to find a safer way to do so. You have to use your phone smartly to minimize the risk element. It is not necessary to answer a text the moment it arrived or call back someone right after someone called.

You should choose the right moments to use your phone while driving. For example, you can choose a place with less traffic or pull over on the side of the road. It is essential to pay attention to your timing of phone usage while driving because one error can be fatal.

Source: BBC

Use A Personal Assistant App:-

Imagine having a helper with you that can deal with all your phone engagements while driving. It is not a fantasy as there are many personal assistant apps available for both Android and iPhone. You can install a personal assistant app on your phone that will help you behind the wheels. Whether you want to pick a call or listen to music, your personal assistant app will take care of it.

The best part of using this app is that it does not impede your vision or steering control while driving. You can talk to it just like a real assistant without taking your eyes off the road. It is not only safe and convenient but also much more accurate than a human.

Source: AndroidAuthority


Using your phone while driving is not recommended. However, you can eliminate the risk factor by taking safety precautions. All the techniques mentioned above will ensure safe usage of the phone behind the wheels.


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