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How To View Deleted Tweets – A Step-By-Step Guide

There are different reasons why we might be looking for how to view deleted tweets. 

Maybe we mistakenly deleted the tweets and we wish to have them back. Maybe we just want to see what embarrassing tweets we’ve sent out.

No matter our reasons, the common ground is that we want to view deleted tweets. In this article, I will explain several ways that you could use to view deleted tweets.

Ways To View Deleted Tweets

How To View Deleted Tweets

Some of the methods below are a bit hit and miss while others are a little bit more reliable. I will start with the more reliable options first so the list gets less reliable as you read on. 

You should also know that there’s no guarantee that you will see your deleted tweets and I can also assure you that you won’t see other people’s deleted tweets. 

Using The Third Party Site – Twaku

How Twaku works is that the site always takes snapshots of what happens on Twitter, sometimes it captures profile action. 

Chances are, it captured your deleted tweets too as snapshots which you can then view at the site. 

How To View Deleted Tweets

This method is really one of the easiest and safest even though the site is riddled with ads and if you’re not careful, you will be redirected to so many places.

You may be asking why I started with this and called it the most reliable option. The reason is that it doesn’t take that much time to find out if your tweets are there. 

The process is really straightforward and it doesn’t need you going through so many steps like the others below.

This tip is kind of risky because of the questionable nature of the site but you should be able to get your deleted tweets in snapshots form.

Using Wayback Machine

This option would have been first on my list because it is a little bit safer but it is also a bit complicated.

After you go through the really long process, you still may not always get your deleted tweets.

But I’ll still explain it simply so you can try it out. You probably have nothing to lose anyway and viewed deleted tweets to gain.

How Wayback Machine Works

There are two ways you could use Wayback Machine to view deleted tweets. The first option is more preferable than the second because the second option is time-consuming. 

First Option (Using Wayback Machine)

For this method to work, you need to know two things. Then log into Twitter before copying your profile and moving on to Wayback. Don’t worry, the steps are below.

  • The dates of the deleted tweets you want to view.
  • Whether it was publicly viewable (which is good) or privately viewable (which reduces your chances)

Log into Twitter normally from any browser of your choice. Then on the Profile option, right-click its left side. (Please follow exactly the instructions stated)

When a menu pops up, choose the option Copy. 

How To View Deleted Tweets - A Step-By-Step Guide

Navigate to Wayback Machine using the link I provided here.

When the main page opens, you’ll find a search box at the top center side of your screen. Paste the Profile tag you copied in the search box and select search.

How To View Deleted Tweets - A Step-By-Step Guide

When the search results return, search for a URL based on the date of the deleted tweets. You can narrow it down by using the calendar feature to lessen the number of search results.

Select the URL link that matches the date you want and then it will open in another tab. You can now scroll through your tweets, replies, and retweets to view deleted tweets. 

Important Info: The time on the snapshots will not be when you tweeted, it will be when the snapshots were taken. So you should take note of that. 

Second Option (Using Wayback Machine)

This option is based on using a drop-down menu. You can find the drop-down menu in your browser’s add-ons feature. 

All you have to do is navigate to your browser’s add-ons feature and open it. You should find the Wayback Machine icon there. Left-click on it to reveal other options.

There will be options like Save Page Now, Overview, and Tweets. What you’re concerned about is tweets so select that.

You should be able to browse your public tweets, retweets, and replies. 

Comparing The Two Options Under Wayback Machine

The two options are not exactly guaranteed to work. You might still not view deleted tweets using Wayback Machine, but at least the first option is more precise.

In the second option, you will have to go through many tweets, especially if you deleted the tweets a long time ago and are an avid tweeter. 

You should only use the second option if you recently deleted the tweets and use the first option when you want precise search results for your queries. 

Remember that if you make your tweets public, you have a much better chance of being able to view deleted tweets. 

You may like to read our guide on 9 Of The Best Wayback Machine Alternatives.

Using Twitter’s Advanced Search Option

This is for folks who aren’t comfortable using third-party apps. It also comes with the disclaimer that it is more miss than hit so doesn’t get your hopes up too much.

Some users have reported that it worked but many have also reported otherwise and as I found out, it really varies. It just might work for you.

The idea behind using Twitter’s Advanced Search Option is to search for your own Twitter username, tweak other settings, and view the tweets you want.

Steps On Using Twitter’s Advanced Search

The first thing to do is navigate to Twitter’s Advanced Search page. You can do that by clicking the link above if you’re not sure where to go.

When the page opens, select People under the subheading. You will be asked which accounts you want to view tweets from under the From These Accounts option.

How To View Deleted Tweets

Input your own username sans (without) the @ part. 

Note: This feature is mostly used by people trying to find out what famous people have said about different topics ranging from race to politics.

When you’re done inputting your username, tweak the date parameters to match the date of the deleted tweets.

Then select the Search feature. When you launch that query, Twitter will return with search results detailing your tweets on the particular date and time you specified. 

Narrowing Down The Search Results By Using The “Words”  Subheading

This feature essentially helps make the search more precise. As long as you know parts of the deleted tweets or maybe one or two words, you can narrow down the search further.

Here’s how it works.

The “Words” subheading has three options.

  • Any Of These Words – Basically means any keyword you enter, Twitter will display tweets that contain at least one of the keywords. 

This option is perfect when you’re not so sure of what was in the deleted tweets but you vaguely remember two or three words.

  • All Of These Words – The opposite of the above feature because your search results will contain all of the keywords you specified.

This option works well only if you’re absolutely sure of a few words in the deleted tweet you’re looking to view.

How To View Deleted Tweets - A Step-By-Step Guide

It is the most precise option but it is also the toughest to use because if you remember the tweet perfectly, you probably don’t need to view it again.

Rundown On Using Twitter’s Advanced Search Option

You can use this option especially when you don’t feel comfortable sharing personal info with third-party apps

Like the tips above, I am not 100% sure about this method helping you view deleted tweets but it probably won’t hurt you (except waste your time) to try.

Other Tips That Some Users Have Suggested But I Found Not Particularly Useful

There are some other tips that some users have suggested that I checked out. I found out that they had really minimal chances of working. Even far lower than the tips above.

I am only going to be suggesting them as a total last resort in case the tweet is important enough to use methods with a 90% chance of not working.

Requesting Copies Of Your Archive From Twitter

This is an official option that is easy to pull off. The only problem is the disclaimer Twitter itself has put on it.

The disclaimer reads, “contains tweets posted and not deleted. This was found in the zip file containing my Twitter archive. 

So it did not help me even though many sites suggested it works. If you’re hell-bent on trying out, follow this navigation below.

How It Works

Open Twitter > More > Settings & Privacy > Your Twitter Data (you will need to enter your password at some point here, you will be prompted to) > Download An Archive Of Your Data > Download Archive

How To View Deleted Tweets - A Step-By-Step Guide

This option is not always available as in my case above.

As long as you follow the navigation, you should be able to get a record of your tweets. And like I said, it should only contain tweets not deleted. 

But I hope you get lucky and you view deleted tweets too.

I would have suggested using Snap Bird but Twitter suspended its access some time ago and I’m even less sure it will work for you now, it isn’t worth the hassle. 


Is it possible to see deleted tweets?

Yes, it is possible to see deleted tweets. However, you need to have a backup of the deleted tweet or a screenshot of it. Once a tweet is deleted, it is removed from Twitter’s servers, and it cannot be retrieved unless a copy or screenshot is saved.

How do you use the Wayback Machine on Twitter?

To use the Wayback Machine on Twitter, you need to visit the Wayback Machine website and enter the URL of the Twitter profile or tweet you want to see.

The Wayback Machine archives web pages, so it can show you how the Twitter page or tweet looked at a particular point in time. However, it is not guaranteed to have archived every tweet or profile.

Can you recover deleted Twitter DMS?

No, you cannot recover deleted Twitter direct messages (DMS). Once a DM is deleted, it is permanently removed from Twitter’s servers and cannot be retrieved.

How to see someone’s old Tweets?

To see someone’s old tweets, you can use the advanced search option on Twitter. On the Twitter search page, click on “Advanced Search,” enter the Twitter handle, select the time period you want to search and click “Search.”

This will show you all the tweets posted by that user during the selected time period.

How are deleted Tweets recovered?

Deleted tweets can be recovered if a backup or screenshot of the tweet was saved before it was deleted. Otherwise, the tweet is permanently deleted and cannot be retrieved.

Is there a Wayback Machine for Twitter?

Yes, there is a Wayback Machine for Twitter. The Wayback Machine archives web pages, so it can show you how a Twitter profile or tweet looked at a particular point in time.

Is there a Twitter archive website?

Yes, Twitter has an archive feature that allows you to download a copy of your Twitter data, including your tweets, retweets, and direct messages. To access the archive feature, go to your Twitter settings and click on “Your Twitter data.”

Are Twitter messages permanently deleted?

Yes, Twitter messages are permanently deleted once they are deleted by the user. Once a message is deleted, it is permanently removed from Twitter’s servers and cannot be retrieved.

Are deleted DMS gone forever?

Yes, deleted Twitter direct messages (DMS) are gone forever once they are deleted by the user. Once a DM is deleted, it is permanently removed from Twitter’s servers and cannot be retrieved.

How do you see hidden messages on Twitter?

There is no way to see hidden messages on Twitter. If a user has hidden a tweet or direct message from you, you will not be able to see it unless the user chooses to unhide it.

What is Tweet Hunter Pro?

Tweet Hunter Pro is a software tool that allows you to search and collect Twitter data. It can search for tweets based on keywords, hashtags, or users and can collect data such as the number of retweets, likes, and replies.

What happens to a deleted Twitter?

When a Twitter account is deleted, the user’s tweets, retweets, and direct messages are permanently removed from Twitter’s servers, and the account is no longer accessible.

Can you see deleted text messages?

No, you cannot see deleted text messages unless a backup or screenshot of the message was saved before it was deleted. Once a text message is deleted, it is permanently removed from the phone’s storage and cannot be retrieved.

How do I retrieve permanently deleted text messages?

Unfortunately, once text messages are permanently deleted, they cannot be retrieved. However, you can prevent this by regularly backing up your phone’s data to an external storage device or cloud-based service.

Where can I find historical Twitter data?

Historical Twitter data can be accessed through Twitter’s premium and enterprise APIs, which allow developers and businesses to access a large archive of historical Twitter data. Alternatively, there are third-party services and platforms that provide access to historical Twitter data.

Does Wayback Machine have deleted tweets?

No, the Wayback Machine does not have deleted tweets. The Wayback Machine archives web pages, so it can show you how a Twitter page or tweet looked at a particular point in time, but it cannot show you tweets that have been deleted.

How long does Twitter keep data?

Twitter keeps user data for a limited period of time, depending on the type of data. For example, tweets are kept indefinitely, while direct messages are only kept for a limited period of time.

Twitter’s data retention policies are subject to change, and users should regularly check Twitter’s privacy policy for updates.

Is Instagram messages traceable?

Instagram messages are traceable, but only by law enforcement agencies with a valid court order. Instagram encrypts its messages, making them difficult to access without the user’s permission.

However, Instagram may retain copies of messages for a limited period of time, which may be accessible by law enforcement agencies.

Is there a secret chat on Twitter?

No, Twitter does not have a secret chat feature. Twitter’s direct messages are private, but they are not end-to-end encrypted, meaning that Twitter can access them if necessary.

Users should be cautious when sharing sensitive information on Twitter and consider using other secure messaging services for sensitive communications.


From the article, you will understand that to view deleted tweets, you must go through a fair few processes. 

After you go through the processes, you still might be unable to view the deleted tweets you wanted. 

The methods are not totally dependable, but I have tried to explain the best few here to minimize time-wasting. 

I would like to hear if you managed to view deleted tweets. 

Please share with me and other readers (who I’m sure will be interested) how you saw the deleted tweets in the comments section below.