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Fact or Fiction: How Video Games Have Changed the World as We Know It


In this day and age technology is a must in society and life is pretty unimaginable without it. To be more precise, the world of gaming is one that has had a major impact on society today. Nay-sayers would disagree saying that video games don’t have as big of an impact as social media and telecommunications BUT people also forget how much video games played an integral role in our childhood, shaping our history, culture, and overall way of life!

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The Barrier Between the Real World and the Digital World is Getting Thinner and Thinner: Fact

At one point in time, video games were very basic. The characters were basic and you could only move left/right and forward/backward. Today, video game characters are looking more and more realistic, slowly closing that gap between the real world and digital world.

The technological advancements have allowed game developers to create digital facial animations, versus creating characters by hand. The major improvements are very noticeable in the character’s hair, skin, and eyes. A character’s impeccable resemblance to that of a human is called the “uncanny valley”… and the uncanny valley is where that barrier between the real world and digital world is wearing thin!

Video Game Release Sales are Heavy Competitors to Box Office Sales: Fact

According to Syfy.com, the first half of 2018 was dominated by the video game industry, earning more than double the U.S. Box Office, and this is including mobile games too! So, with those statistics, one can only wonder what type of games are pulling in those types of numbers?

Well, it’s a good mixture of mobile games and PC/console games. Here are a few of those games bringing in mega sales:

  • Candy Crush
  • Fortnite
  • Far Cry
  • God of War
  • PlayerUnknown’s Battle Battle Grounds

To give you a better idea of just how significant these video game sales impacted sales, we’ll do a comparison. Black Panther was the top ranking movie in 2018 at the box office, bringing in a whopping $292 million dollars from its opening weekend. Now, the video game Far Cry hauled in $310 million dollars during the first week of its release!

Video Games is the Ultimate Advocate for Team Building: Fact

Team building has been a part of the business culture so long that it’s somewhat hard to imagine a time when it didn’t exist. The purpose of team building is, essentially, to boost morale within the company and among employees with goals of everyone excelling in their prospective field.

Typical ways that companies promote team building is by way of company picnics, happy hour mixers, and even outdoor activities such as paintball… Now, companies are looking at other ways to promote team cohesiveness and they are turning to the world of gaming!

Overwatch is one of the popular online games and it’s a great game for team building because everyone can play together. The fact that team building is also about bonding and effectively communicating, makes this game is perfect. Some companies are so vested in video game team building efforts that they invest in high-performance game mice.

In the words of one of Overwatch’s tank characters…

“Together, we are strong!”- Zarya

Earning Badges and Advancing to New Levels are the Real World Equivalent of Goal Setting: Fact

If you’ve played any kind of video games then you know that the ultimate GOAL is to earn some type of badge or reward, and ultimately, advance to the next level! So, let’s break it down a bit. Goals are what keep us focused on doing what we need to achieve; badges challenge us and give us the motivation we need to complete those actions and get to the next level.

Just as in the real world, whether it’s for your job or your fitness journey, you typically have some type of goal you want to reach. The steps you take to reach those goals might be going to the gym three days out the week to reach your ideal weight or cross-training to land that management position at your job.

Although the goals are in two totally different worlds, the efforts are still the same.


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