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How Work Free Keylogger for Android Phones


The main reason for employing a free keylogger for Android phones is to execute surveillance by tracking and monitoring the activities of people. You should be aware that while you can monitor people physically, you cannot monitor mobiles on a real-time basis. To execute such a task, you need to use keyloggers.

The main reasons for using free keylogger for Android 

You may be aware a keylogger is a piece of software application that stores each keystroke used by the computer user. This output may be used to know passwords and other confidential information. The following are the cases where keyloggers can be used to monitor and track people.

Monitor employees:-

If you own a business and have employees, and are wary of what they’re doing at the working place, you can use a free keylogger for Android phones. This, you can get installed on cell phones used by your employees. It will enable you to keep track of the activities of your employees and helps improve their productivity by avoiding wastage of resources.

To spy on teenage son or daughter :-

Teenage constitutes the most eventful years and therefore, you should be cautious while talking in support or against your son/daughter.

You can use a spy app on the smartphone used by your teenage son/daughter. This is important. Spying on your teenage child will let you know if they indulge in activities they should not. For example, communicating with strangers online. This is likely to lead to divulging sensitive personal data.

Further, while browsing the Web, they may inadvertently come across adult content. This may have negative consequences on their academics and other life. Therefore, parents are justified to spy on their teenage children. If there is anything harmful, they can take preventive and precautionary measures to avert disaster.

Monitor your spouse:-

If you’re skeptical about your wife’s/husband’s loyalty, you can use a free keylogger for Android phones to monitor them. By doing this, you can know who they are calling, texting, emailing and/or chatting with.

You can install the spy app on your wife’s/husband’s smartphone and start tracking their behavior.

Why choose Snoopza for Android keylogger :-

Cell phone tracker Snoopza comprises a free monitoring program that could record calls, track phone locations, view text messages, camera activity, WhatsApp, Viber, and the like. Thus, it offers comprehensive online monitoring of a target phone.

The software is easy and simple to operate and is affordable.

The most important thing is that you can keep the app invisible to the user of the target Android phone. This will give better results and you can tackle things effectively and meaningfully.

What are the features of the Snoopza keylogger? 

Snoopza cell phone detecting app comes with diverse features useful for monitoring people using smartphones that they use. It can locate the phone, can tell what websites they visit, who the user called and the like. All these features make Snoopza an indispensable app if you’re planning to monitor someone.

Following are the features of the app:-

Call tracking :-

The app tracks each call (incoming and outgoing) that happened between the target Android device and others. It stores the contact numbers and the time, date, and duration of the call.

Managing SMS:-

The spy app saves all the text messages sent and received as well as MMS sharing that happened.

Tracking internet browsing activity:-

The Snoopza Android cell phone tracker can store the websites visited by the target phone user. This shows the quality of the activity they perform.

Whether you’re a parent, employer or a disgruntled spouse, you can take the necessary and urgent steps so that the situation does not worsen.

Geolocation feature:-

When the individual uses the Android phone under surveillance, it can be located exactly by Snoopza. The software uses GPS, GSM technology, and Wi-Fi for this.

Records calls :-

The app can save the conversation that happened between the target Android device user and others in incoming and outgoing calls.

Spying Viber activities:-

This feature enables you to track the activities that happened on the target Android phone on Viber. Thus, images, text messages, and calls may be tracked with this feature.

WhatsApp spy:-

Files like images, videos, text messages, etc. that were shared on WhatsApp between the target phone user and the number can be tracked.

Spying Facebook activities :-

You can track the files such as videos, audio, text messages shared between the target Android phone user and others.


The app takes screenshots frequently when activity happens on the device. Thus, it takes the image of the individual who unlocks the screen every time.

Spying Snapchat activities:-

This feature helps you know the activities performed on Snapchat such as chatting, talking on the phone, to-do list and the like. All can be stored and can be viewed in your interface of the app on your phone.

Checking contacts:-

By tracking this, you can know who the target phone user called and other details like when the target phone user received contacts.

Tracking to-do list :-

Tracking the to-do list is important because you can know what the phone user is going to during the time to come.

Stealth mode:-

If you wish the target phone user should not know that they are being under your surveillance radar, keep the phone in stealth mode. By this, the target phone user cannot at all know that you’re monitoring them.

Tracking camera:-

When a person unlocks the screen of the target phone, the spy app takes a photo each time.

Detecting SIM replacement:-

When the replacement of the SIM card happens, you get an alert about it. However, the app continues to track the activity of the target phone user.

Installation app Snoopza:-

Installing Snoopza free keylogger for Android phones is simple and easy.

Enter your email id and the password. With these details, log on to the official website. Now, you can download the installation files and for the target Android phone.

Pros and cons

The program has many positive functions. But we have also found some disadvantages.


  • Free app
  • Simple and easy
  • The free version also has great features.
  • It’s best to locate the exact position of the phone


  • You must have the target device to install
  • Only Android compatible

Pricing policy:-

The Snoopza cell phone tracking app is available in Basic and Standard versions.

The Basic version is free and you will get features like tracking calls, managing SMS, Geolocation feature, and tracking Internet browsing history.

PlanBasic PlanStandard
1 monthFree


1 yearFree


The Standard version comprises the features of the basic versions and additional features. It is priced at $9.95 for one month and $99.95 for 12 months.


The Snoopza phone tracking app is among the best given its features. It can be kept on the target device hidden for better surveillance. Further, it is easy to install. Parents, employers, unhappy spouses can use it unobtrusively without getting into embarrassment. However, consider taking the guidance of a legal professional before you apply it. Thus, Snoopza is a potent free keylogger for Android phones by all accounts.


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