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How You Can Run A Business From A Smartphone


In the past, running a business meant being in one place, such as an office, probably away from your home, and when you left that one place, being uncontactable. It meant that business could be won or lost on the decision of when to go out to grab a cup of coffee, or if you wanted to leave the office early to see your child play sports or perform in a play.

Today things are a lot different, and we are, thanks to innovative new technology, now able to work from anywhere we want to, and have a work-life balance that means we don’t miss out on important things anymore.

We can also run an entire business just using a smartphone. There is now no need even to have a home office anymore; everything can be done using one device no matter where you are. If the idea appeals, here are some of the ways you can start implementing it.

Buy A New Phone

If you want to run your business from your smartphone, there is one rule that you should follow to begin with: buy a new phone. This second phone is how you run your business, and should be kept just for that purpose. If you have only one phone, and it’s the phone you take on vacation, the one you hand around to show memes and photos and videos on, the one that your children play games on, then how can you be sure you are keeping your client data safe?

When you have a separate phone, you can ensure that it is constantly backed up and updated, and you can have Secure Data Recovery on hand to help you if you lose any information.


Marketing can be as complicated or as simple as you want to make it, and although sometimes it can pay to outsource your marketing and to have an expert create a campaign for you, when it comes to your social media, for example, you can easily do this yourself from your smartphone.

Make it your goal to post at least one thing every day on your chosen social media platform or platforms. It’s better to post just one piece of relevant, shareable information, than lots of posts that don’t mean anything to anyone who sees them. Therefore, take a little time to research what is trending and how you can take advantage of the hashtags that are gaining traction. You can quickly post from your phone using the right apps, and you can even edit images to make them look just how you want them to.


Your smartphone can be used to take payments when you are mobile, which saves having to invoice customers and wait for a check to come in the mail, or asking them to transfer money via a bank transfer, which isn’t always secure and may not be something your customers want to do.

Since cash is becoming less and less used, having an app on your phone that allows people to pay via a secure method such as a card or even through a site such as Paypal will mean you get your money faster, and your customers feel happy to pay you.


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